Challenge requirements for individual Faculty of Business courses are outlined below.

Consult the course availability listing prior to requesting a challenge registration. (A course must be open for registrations in order to be challenged.)

Ensure you understand the Challenge for Credit Process as set out by the Office of the Registrar prior to registration. Contact the Support Centre if you have any questions about challenging courses.

Please note that courses taken as challenge for credit do not count towards residency requirements. If you are a program student, please ensure you check your selection(s) with a Senior Student Advisor at the Faculty of Business Student Support Centre.

Course Co-ordinator/Assistant Listing page


Accounting (ACCT)

CourseActivity (Duration)
ACCT 245Paper Exam (3 hours)
ACCT 250Online Exam (3 hours)
ACCT 253Paper Exam (3 hours), 3 online quizzes, and an online case study
ACCT 351Not available for challenge
ACCT 352Not available for challenge
ACCT 355Paper Exam (3 hours)
ACCT 356Not available for challenge
ACCT 390Not available for challenge
ACCT 451Not available for challenge
ACCT 453Not available for challenge
ACCT 454Not available for challenge
ACCT 460Not available for challenge

Administration (ADMN)

CourseActivity (Duration)
ADMN 100Not available for challenge
ADMN 201Online Exam (3 hours)
ADMN 205Online Exam (3 hours)
ADMN 232Online Exam (4 hours)
ADMN 233Online Exam (3 hours)
ADMN 404Not available for challenge
ADMN 415Online Exam (3 hours)
ADMN 417Online Exam (3 hours)
ADMN 499Not available for challenge

Computers and Management Information Systems (CMIS)

CourseActivity (Duration)
CMIS 214Not available for challenge
CMIS 245Four assignments
CMIS 311Three assignments
CMIS 314Not available for challenge
CMIS 351Online Exam - 75%
Assignment Using Access Database - 25%
CMIS 431Online Exam (3 hours)
CMIS 455Online Exam (3 hours)

Communications (COMM)

CourseActivity (Duration)
COMM 100Not available for challenge
COMM 243Online Exam (3 hours)
COMM 277Online Exam (3 hours)
COMM 329Online Exam (3 hours)

e-Commerce (ECOM)

CourseActivity (Duration)
ECOM 320Online Exam (3 hours)
ECOM 410Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECOM 420Not available for challenge
ECOM 425Online Exam (3 hours)

Economics (ECON)

CourseActivity (Duration)
ECON 247Paper Exam (4 hours)
ECON 248Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECON 300Paper Exam (3 hours)
*this course is cross-listed as FNCE 300
ECON 357Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECON 358Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECON 366Online Exam (3 hours)
ECON 367Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECON 380Online Exam (3 hours)
ECON 385Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECON 401Not available for challenge
ECON 475Paper Exam (3 hours)
ECON 476Paper Exam (3 hours)

Entrepreneurship (ENTP)

CourseActivity (Duration)
ENTP 212Not available for challenge

Finance (FNCE)

CourseActivity (Duration)
FNCE 234Closed. Replaced by FNCE 300-see below.
FNCE 300Paper Exam (3 hours)
*this course is cross-listed as ECON 300
FNCE 249Paper Exam (3 hours)
FNCE 322Paper Exam (4 hours)
FNCE 370Paper Exam (3 hours)
FNCE 371Not available for challenge
FNCE 401Paper Exam (3 hours)
FNCE 403Paper Exam (3 hours)
FNCE 405Paper Exam (3 hours)
FNCE 470Paper Exam (3 hours)

Human Resource Management (HRMT)

CourseActivity (Duration)
HRMT 208Not available for challenge
HRMT 300Not available for challenge
HRMT 301Online Exam (3 hours)
HRMT 322Online Exam (3 hours)
HRMT 326Not available for challenge
HRMT 387Not available for challenge

Management Science (MGSC)

CourseActivity (Duration)
MGSC 301Paper Exam (3 hours)
MGSC 312Paper Exam (4 hours)
MGSC 368Paper Exam (3 hours)
MGSC 369Paper Exam (3 hours)
MGSC 405Paper Exam (3 hours)
MGSC 418Paper Exam (3 hours)
MGSC 419Online Exam (3 hours)
MGSC 499Not available for challenge

Marketing (MKTG)

CourseActivity (Duration)
MKTG 396Online Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 406Online Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 410Online Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 414Online Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 420Online Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 440Paper Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 454Online Exam (3 hours)
MKTG 466Online Exam (3 hours)

Organizational Behavior (ORGB)

CourseActivity (Duration)
ORGB 300Online Exam (3 hours)
ORGB 319Online Exam (3 hours)
ORGB 326Online Exam (3 hours)
ORGB 327Online Exam (3 hours)
ORGB 364Online Exam (3 hours)
ORGB 390Online Exam (3 hours)

Taxation (TAXX)

CourseActivity (Duration)
TAXX 301Not available for challenge
TAXX 304Not available for challenge
TAXX 401Not available for challenge