Prerequisite eligibility can vary slightly from province to province. Course transferability should be confirmed by your provincial association.

A minimum grade of C+ must be achieved in all listed AU courses in order to challenge the CGA national examination.

CGA Alberta CourseAU Course Equivalent
Foundational Studies
Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FA1)ACCT 253
Business Law (LW1)LGST 369
Micro & Macro Economics (EM 1)ECON 247 and ECON 248
Financial Accounting: Assets (FA2)ACCT 351
Business Quantitative Analysis (QU1)MGSC 301 and MGSC 312
Management Accounting Fundamentals (MA1)ACCT 355
Business Communications (CM1)ADMN 233
Financial Accounting: Liabilities & Equities (FA3)ACCT 352
Corporate Finance Fundamentals (FN1)FNCE 370
Managing Information Systems (MS1)CMIS 351
Advanced Studies
Financial Accounting: Consolidations & Advanced Issues (FA4)ACCT 451
Accounting Theory & Contemporary Issues (AT1)ACCT 453
Note: no longer required (Sep 2014). Confirm requirements with your provincial body.
Advanced Management Accounting (MA2)ACCT 454
External Auditing (AU1)ACCT 460
Personal & Corporate Taxation (TX1)TAXX 301
PACE Electives (choice of two)
Information Systems Strategy (MS2)CMIS 455*
Advanced Corporate Finance (FN2)FNCE 371*
Advanced Personal & Corporate Taxation(TX2)TAXX 401*

*These are preparatory courses that will allow you to be eligible to challenge the CGA national exam if you have met the minimum grade requirement.