Prerequisite eligibility can vary slightly from province to province.  The courses listed below are CASB course equivalencies only.  Course transferability should be confirmed by your provincial association.


Special note for Ontario students:
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO) limits how much transferable credit (CA Ontario-AU Course Grid 2009) they will accept for a degree program.  Please contact an advisor or ICAO directly for details.


Insert the prerequisite courses into your relevant program plan.

CASB PrerequisitesAU Course Equivalent
Assurance:Introductory - Required
ACCT 460
Finance - Two courses required
Finance - introductoryFNCE 370
Finance - choice of intermediateFNCE 371 or FNCE 401 or FNCE 403 or FNCE 470
General Business - *Three courses required; not more than one from any subject area
*General BusinessADMN 404
*General BusinessCOMM 243
*General BusinessECON 247 or ECON 248
*General BusinessLGST 369
*General BusinessMGSC 301 or MGSC 312 or MATH 215
*General BusinessMKTG 396 or MKTG 414 or MKTG 440
*General BusinessORGB 386 or ORGB 387
*General BusinessPHIL 333
*General BusinessFNCE 408
Information Systems and Technology - Introductory - RequiredCMIS 351
Performance Measurement - Four courses required
Performance Measurement - assetsACCT 351
Performance Measurement - equitiesACCT 352
Performance Measurement - managerial/cost accountingACCT 355
Performance Measurement - 4th courseOne of ACCT 451, ACCT 453, or ACCT 454
Taxation - RequiredTAXX 301 or TAXX 401

*Three courses are required from the General Business section (not more than one from any subject or area) The CASB will use the three courses with the highest grades.