The human resources (HR) function has evolved from a mainly administrative role to a far more strategic one that contributes to an organization’s business planning and long-term strategy.  A management career in human resources demands integrity, confidentiality, and excellent interpersonal skills, but also requires knowledge of accounting, finance, and strategic management.

Your online Bachelor of Management degree will give you the broad-based business knowledge you need to become not only a successful HR professional, but a respected management professional who knows how to contribute to departmental and organizational goals.

The following are the requirements for completing years three and four of your online Bachelor of Management, Major in Human Resource Management, assuming you have taken years one and two with AU. If you hold a college diploma, review our post-diploma program plans and contact a program advisor (see ‘Next Steps’ at right) to assist you with course selection.

Required Courses (45 credits)

ACCT 245Accounting for Managers of Not-for-Profit Organizations

ACCT 250Accounting for Managers

ACCT 253Introductory Financial Accounting*

*Students who are planning to pursue a professional accounting designation are advised to take ACCT 253.
ADMN 232

Introduction to Management*

* Students are strongly encouraged to register in ADMN 232 early in their program.

ADMN 233Writing in Organizations*

* Students are strongly encouraged to register in ADMN 233 early in their program.

COMM 243


COMM 277

Interpersonal Communication


Group Communication

CMIS 245Microcomputer Applications in Business (Windows)(3)
ECON 247Microeconomics(3)
ECON 248Macroeconomics(3)
FNCE/ECON 300Financial Economics

FNCE 370Overview of Corporate Finance
LGST 369Commercial Law(3)
MGSC 301

Statistics for Business and Economics I*

*strongly recommended


MATH 215Introduction to Statistics

MATH 216Computer-oriented Approach to Statistics

MKTG 396Introduction to Marketing(3)
ORGB 364Organizational Behaviour(3)
PHIL 252

Critical Thinking

PHIL 333

Professional Ethics


PHIL 337Business Ethics
SOCI 321Sociology of Work and Industry(3)

Options* (15 credits)

1. Business and Administrative Studies credits at the junior (200) or senior (300/400) level(3)
2. Non "Business and Administrative Studies" credits with a minimum of 6 credits at the senior (300/400) level (12)
* A maximum of 3 credits allowed in any area of study at the preparatory (100) level.

Required Courses (18 credits)

ADMN 417International Business Management(3)
CMIS 351Management Information Systems(3)
ECOM 320Overview of e-Commerce(3)
ECON 401The Changing Global Economy*

*Students who have taken ECON 301 may not take ECON 401.
ORGB/HRMT 386Introduction to Human Resource Management(3)
ADMN 404Strategic Management*
 * ADMN 404 must be taken with AU. Transfer credit will not be awarded. ADMN 404 should be taken as the last course in the program. 

Human Resources Management Major Required Courses (15 credits)

HRMT 301Recruitment and Selection(3)
HRMT/ORGB 387Strategic Human Resource Management(3)
IDRL 215Introduction to Labour Relations *

IDRL 312Conflict and Accommodation * (permanently closed)
IDRL 308Occupational Health and Safety(3)
ORGB 319Motivation and Productivity(3)
* NOTE: Students cannot use IDRL 215 or IDRL 312 to fulfill a critical perspectives course as it is a requirement in this major.

Options (27 credits)

1.Senior (300 or 400) level Business and Administrative Studies credits. Students are recommended to take IDRL and ORGB courses.(9)
2.Non "Business and Administrative Studies" credits. At least 12 credits required at the senior (300/400) level, LBST courses recommended. Students must select nine credits (three courses) from the critical perspectives courses as outlined in the general 120-credit program.(18)