If you are an energetic go-getter who wants to work in an industry with big demands and high rewards, our online Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) with a major in Finance may be the degree for you!

Finance is a contemporary major, integrating both finance and economics courses to provide graduates with broad exposure to the growing financial management sector. The field of finance involves the online study of financial markets, financial instruments and investment decision making, and analyzes alternative methods to obtain and manage capital.

Diploma holders please note: 
The following requirements are for students who complete their entire four-year degree with Athabasca University (AU). If you hold a college diploma, review our post-diploma program plans and contact a program advisor (see ‘Next Steps’ at right) to assist you with course selection.

Required Courses (39 credits)

ACCT 253 Introductory Financial Accounting (3)
ACCT 355 Cost Analysis (3)
ADMN 232 Introduction to Management (3)
ADMN 233 Writing in Organizations (3)
CMIS 245 Microcomputer Applications in Business (Windows) (3)
ECON 247 Microeconomics (3)
ECON 248 Macroeconomics (3)
ENGL A junior or senior level English course (3)
LGST 369 Commercial Law (3)
MATH 244 Business Mathematics

MATH 260 Calculus for Social Sciences and Economics*
* Recommended for students who wish to pursue 400-level FNCE or 400-level MGSC courses.

MATH 265 Introduction to Calculus I

MATH 270 Linear Algebra I
MGSC 301 Statistics for Business and Economics I*
*strongly recommended

MATH 215 Introduction to Statistics

MATH 216 Computer-oriented Approach to Statistics
MGSC 312 Statistics for Business and Economics II (3)
PHIL 333 Professional Ethics (3)
PHIL 337 Business Ethics  

Options* (21 credits)

  1. Business and Administrative Studies credits at the junior (200) or senior (300/400) level
  1. Humanities, Science, or Social Science credits at the junior (200) level
*A maximum of 3 credits in any area of study at the preparatory (100) level can be taken in the above 12 credits.  
  1. Humanities, Science, or Social Science credits at the senior (300/400) level)

Required Courses (24 credits)

ACCT 356 Strategic and Competitive Analysis (3)
CMIS 351 Management Information Systems
FNCE 370 Overview of Corporate Finance (3)
MGSC 368

MGSC 369
Introduction to Production and Operations Management


Service Operations Management
MKTG 396 Introduction to Marketing (3)
ORGB 364 Organizational Behaviour (3)
  A senior (300/400) level Organizational Behaviour course (other than ORGB 364) (3)
ADMN 404 Strategic Management* (3)
  *ADMN 404 must be taken with AU. Transfer credit will not be awarded. ADMN 404 should be taken as the last course in the program.  

Finance Major Core Courses (21 credits)

ECON 385 Money, Banking, and Canadian Financial Institutions (3)
ECON 476 International Finance (3)
FNCE 401 Investments (3)
FNCE 403 Derivatives and Risk Management (3)
FNCE 405 Empirical Finance (3)
FNCE 470 Portfolio Management (3)
MGSC 405 Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making (3)

Finance Major Electives (Select 3 credits from the following)

Any Economics (ECON) or Finance (FNCE) course at the senior (300/400) level, not included as a core course. (3)

Options (12 credits)

Senior (300/400) level Business and Administrative Studies credits

Senior (300/400) level Non "Business and Administrative Studies" credits (6)

Notice: Athabasca University is approved by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) as an Education Provider for FPSC Level 1® Certification in Financial Planning. Students who wish to take FNCE 322 for this certification must enroll in Revision 5, expected to open in Spring 2017. (Older versions of FNCE 322 cannot be applied to the certification.)
For more information on FPSC Level 1® Certification in Financial Planning, visit www.fpsc.ca.