Faculty of Business Undergraduate courses are delivered online via the Moodle learning platform. The courses are set up on the basis that students are using a PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Students may also use a Mac computer, but some courses require software that is not compatible with a Mac.

Students should at minimum have access to a web browser, email, and the ability to submit assignments in MS Word format.

Minimum requirements are subject to change without notice, based on rapidly changing industry standards and continuous development of new learning tools. You may be required to upgrade your system in order to maintain access to course material, especially if you elect to defer studies at any point in your program.

Some courses may have more specific requirements that will be noted in their online syllabi.

In courses that have textbooks, most will provide these as eTexts. Students may have to download specific software (e.g., Bookshelf by VitalSource) to access the eTexts.

Operating SystemWindows 7sp1 or higherMac OSX 10.10 or higher
Hard Drive Space4 GB Free4 GB Free
Memory (RAM)2 GB or more2 GB or more
AntivirusSecurity softwareSecurity software
Office SuiteMS Office® 365MS Office® 365
Internet BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or higherChrome, Firefox, Safari 8 or higher
Internet ServiceHigh-speed Internet recommendedHigh-speed Internet recommended
PrinterPrinter is recommendedPrinter is recommended

Please contact our Student Support Centre at 1-800-468-6531 or 1-780-675-6189 if you have any questions regarding the above information.

Anti-Virus Protection

In order to maintain safe functioning of your computer while participating in the program, you should have security software on your system to protect from and repair virus, spyware, and malware damage to your computer. Security software can be purchased from many retailers or online.

Office 365

Office 365 is provided to all Athabasca University students and contains free access to the MS Office suite of applications you will need during your studies. An email with instructions on how to activate your O365 student account was sent to your personal email upon registration. For more information, click here.

On The Hub Software WebStore

Students can purchase academically discounted Microsoft products and other learning software from the On the Hub Software Webstore 

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are available to enrolled students. Click here for more information on obtaining a student ID card (you will need your student ID number).