Student Support Centre


Students are our first priority, and we work hard to make sure your online study experience with AU goes as smoothly as possible!  You may be studying at your own pace, but you are not on your own—you have a full set of resources to help you successfully complete your course or program.

Our one-stop Student Support Centre makes life easy for you. It is the heart of Faculty of Business undergraduate course delivery and is your first point of contact, whether you are a prospective student or a current student. You make one call, and we guide you from there.

Undergraduate Student Advisors: your first line of support.

Student advisors help with all administrative questions and help guide you through every step of your studies with AU—from registration, through to course and program completion, to graduation.

They provide information on:

  • Business courses and programs
  • University policies and procedures
  • Administrative issues
  • Taking exams
  • Assignment tips
  • Course-related frequently asked questions (FAQs).
If an undergraduate student advisor can’t help you directly, he or she will direct you to the following resources:

Senior program advisors assist you with:

  • Selecting the right program or courses to help you achieve your career goals
  • Planning your program to ensure you fulfill all course and program requirements
  • Assisting you with your course selections
  • Connecting you to any other help you need to be a successful student and graduate

Academic experts are assigned to undergraduate business courses based on their academic qualifications and experience in the subject area (i.e., accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.). They will will answer your question within two business days.*

Academic experts assist with:

  • course concepts
  • understanding course materials
  • subject matter questions
  • requirements for assignments

*Academic experts will do their best to contact you during the hours you have specified, within their own available work hours. Work hours can vary between experts.

The technical support team makes sure you can navigate smoothly through your online courses. If you are having trouble logging in, submitting an assignment, or any other technical issue, a student advisor will redirect you here for assistance.

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Course Coordinators are responsible for developing, delivering, and maintaining online courses. They are also available to support students with high-level administrative or course content questions. They supervise the Academic Experts and Markers for their assigned courses to ensure students receive timely and accurate responses, and marking standards are consistently applied.

Course Coordinators may provide special permissions, handle appeals, and provide additional supports as required.