Student Life at AU

Complete your education wherever and whenever it works for you.

Athabasca University is a leader in the world of online learning and distance education. We have developed the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed in a digital learning environment.

Time for your work, your life, and education

Studying online requires motivation and commitment. Our students graduate with outstanding organizational and time management skills—they have the proven ability to set priorities, take action, and get the job done.

While you won’t be in a classroom for your studies, you are never alone. Athabasca University offers a wealth of resources and support to help you excel. Our undergraduate and graduate programs include a range of specialized services—from our Student Support Centre to academic coaches, cohort coordinators, and the HelpDesk—to assist you in your educational journey.

When you complete your undergraduate or graduate business degree, you will take with you far more than a respected academic credential—you will have the knowledge, the experience, and the skills to lead, innovate, and inspire confidence in others.

A Student Body without Borders

Our students come from all over the world, not just to learn, but also to contribute their knowledge, experience, and global perspectives to our online classrooms.

Meet our Ambassadors

Develop Your Career

When you pursue your education at AU, you don’t have to leave the workforce. This means you can continue to develop your career and professional life at the same time as your education. You’ll be applying your education in real-world scenarios as your learning.