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Accounting and Taxation
David Annand, EdD
David Annand
Professor, Accounting
Fathi Elloumi, PhD
Fathi Elloumi
Associate Professor, Accounting
Tilly Jensen, B.Comm, CPA, CMA, Ed.D.
Tilly Jensen
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Weiming Liu, PhD, CPA, CA
Weiming Liu
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Mark T. Morpurgo, DBA, FCPA, FCMA
Mark T. Morpurgo
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Pamela Quon, MDE, CPA, CMA, DBA
Pamela Quon
Academic Coordinator, Management Accounting & Chair, Accounting & Taxation Academic Department
Aris Solomon, PhD
Aris Solomon
Associate Professor, Accounting
Economics, Finance and Operations Management
Farzad (Haider) Alvi, PhD
Farzad Alvi
Assistant Professor, Innovation Finance
Hussein Al-Zyoud, PhD
Hussein Al-Zyoud
Undergraduate Program Director & Assistant Professor, Economics
Anshuman Khare, PhD
Anshuman Khare
Professor, Operations Management & Chair, Department of Economics, Finance and Operations Management
Joe Cox, PhD
Joe Cox
Canada Research Chair in Digital Disruption and Organizational Transformation
Kam Jugdev, PhD
Kam Jugdev
Professor, Project Management and Strategy
Jacob Musila, PhD
Jacob Musila
Associate Professor, Economics, Finance and Operations Management Academic Department
Saktinil Roy, PhD
Saktinil Roy
Associate Professor, Economics
Zengxiang (Eric) Wang, PhD
Zengxiang (Eric) Wang
Associate Professor, Finance &
Associate Dean, Assurance of Learning and Student Experience
Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems
Ana Azevedo, PhD
Ana Azevedo
Associate Professor & Chair, Graduate Admissions Committee; Entrepreneurship & Research Methods
Terry Beckman, PhD
Terry Beckman
Associate Professor, Marketing &
Associate Dean, Research & Accreditation
Walid Belassi, DBA
Walid Belassi
Associate Professor, Management Science
Mihail Cocosila, PhD
Mihail Cocosila
Professor, Management Science and Management Information Systems
Glen Farrelly, PhD
Glen Farrelly
Assistant Professor, Business Communications
Bangaly Kaba, PhD
Bangaly Kaba
Associate Professor, Management Information Systems
Simon Pierre Sigue, PhD
Simon Pierre Sigue
Professor, Marketing
Houda Trabelsi, MSc
Houda Trabelsi
Academic Coordinator, e-Commerce &
Chair, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems Academic Department
Organizational Analysis
Alyson House, CPHR, PhD (In progress)
Alyson House
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business
Deborah Hurst, PhD
Deborah Hurst
Dean, Faculty of Business
Alex Kondra, PhD
Alex Kondra
MBA Program Director &
Associate Professor
Kai Lamertz, PhD
Kai Lamertz
Associate Professor, Organizational Analysis &
Program Director, Doctorate of Business Administration
Helen Lam, PhD, CPHR
Helen Lam
Professor & Department Chair, Organizational Analysis; Human Resource Management
Michael Mauws, PhD
Michael Mauws
Professor, Business Policy & Strategy &
Director, Business of Hockey Institute
Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce, PhD
Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce
Assistant Professor, Strategic Management: Ethical Decision Making
Teresa Rose, PhD
Teresa Rose
Assistant Professor, Organizational Analysis
Angela Workman-Stark, PhD
Angela Workman-Stark
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Operations & Innovation
Janice Thomas, PhD, MBA, BSc
Janice Thomas
Professor, Organizational Analysis