Mihail Cocosila, PhD

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Professor - Management Science, Management Information Systems

Areas of Expertise: Information Technology; Behavioural Research; Structural Equation Modeling; Health Informatics



  • PhD – McMaster University
  • PhD – Polytechnic University of Bucharest
  • MASc – University of British Columbia



Dr. Mihail Cocosila joined the Faculty of Business in 2008. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from McMaster University, Canada, a PhD in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania, and a Master of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has held research and faculty positions and has been involved in pioneering several information technology applications in Canada and Romania.

Dr. Cocosila’s research interests include information technology adoption and use, research topics in information systems, human-computer interaction, mobile and wireless services, and health informatics. His recent journal publications include Behavior & Information Technology, Internet Research, Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AIS, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Information Technology & People, and Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Business.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Cocosila, M. and Turel, O. (2019). Adoption and non-adoption motivational risk beliefs in the use of mobile services for health promotion. Internet Research, 29(4):846-869.
  • Cocosila, M., & Archer, N. (2018). Modeling Consumer Acceptance of Electronic Personal Health Records. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 19(2), 119-134.
  • Belassi, W., Cocosila, M., & Kondra, A. Z. (2017). The Effects of Organizational Culture on Buyer-Supplier Relationships in New Product Development. International Journal of Business & Management Science, 7(2).
  • Cocosila, M., & Archer, N. (2017). Practitioner pre-adoption perceptions of Electronic Medical Record systems. Behaviour & Information Technology, 36(8), 827-838.
  • Cocosila, M., & Trabelsi, H. (2016). An integrated value-risk investigation of contactless mobile payments adoption. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 20, 159-170.
  • Cocosila, M., & Archer, N. (2016). A Blended Model of Electronic Medical Record System Adoption in Canadian Medical Practices. CAIS, 39, 22.
  • Cocosila, M., & Turel, O. (2016). A dual-risk model of user adoption of mobile-based smoking cessation support services. Behaviour & Information Technology, 35(7), 526-535.
  • Cocosila, M., & Igonor, A. (2015). How important is the “social” in social networking? A perceived value empirical investigation. Information Technology & People, 28(2), 366-382.
  • Cocosila, M., & Archer, N. (2014). Perceptions of chronically ill and healthy consumers about electronic personal health records: a comparative empirical investigation. BMJ Open, 4(7), e005304.
  • Archer, N., & Cocosila, M. (2014). Canadian Patient Perceptions of Electronic Personal Health Records: An Empirical Investigation. CAIS, 34, 20.

Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Cocosila, M. (2018). Perceived risks of eTourism services. Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management, Amsterdam, Holland.
  • Cocosila, M. (2018). Mobile services adoption: Are user perceived risks significant? Presented at the International Academic Conference on Management, Economics and Marketing, Vienna, Austria.
  • Cocosila, M. (2018). Perceived risks in the adoption of mobile ICT. Presented at the 8th International Conference on Studies in Education, Law, Economics and Business Management, London, UK.
  • Cocosila, M. (2018). The role of perceived risks in the adoption of mobile services. Presented at the 14th International Conference on Social Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Cocosila, M. (2016). Why do people use social media? A structural equation modeling investigation. Presented at the Athabasca University Graduate Student Conference, Edmonton, Canada.
  • Trabelsi, H. and Cocosila, M. (2016). Mobile payments in Canada: Perceived opportunities and challenges of contactless near field communication. Presented at the International Academic Business Conference, Orlando, USA.
  • Cocosila, M., & Trabelsi, H. (2015). A user perspective on contrasting factors of contactless mobile payments adoption. Presented at the 18th International Academic Conference, London, UK.
  • Cocosila, M., & Trabelsi, H. (2015). Consumer perceptions of contactless mobile payments: A Canadian empirical investigation. Presented at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences International Conference for Business and Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Trabelsi, H., & Cocosila, M. (2015). Mobile payments in Canada: Perceived opportunities and challenges of contactless near field communication (NFC) payments. Presented at the ASAC Annual Conference, Halifax, Canada.
  • Cocosila, M., & Trabelsi, H. (2014). Perceived opportunities and challenges of contactless near field communication mobile payments in Canada. Presented at the Macrotheme International Conference on Business and Social Science, Nice, France.