Kai Lamertz, PhD

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Associate Professor, Organizational Analysis; Program Director, Doctorate of Business Administration

Areas of Expertise: Organizational Theory



  • PhD – University of Toronto
  • BComm (Hons.) – University of British Columbia



Kai Lamertz joined the Athabasca University Faculty of Business in 2015, after having worked for 17 years at the John Molson School of Business in Montreal. Kai’s research examines the relational, cultural, and social embeddedness of organizations. He is interested in the intersection of micro and macro organizational behavior, focusing on networks in and between organization, organizational identity and image, and organizational legitimacy. He teaches organizational theory and research methods and has a passion for graduate student supervision.

Kai has published extensively in a variety of high-ranking academic journals, including Organization Studies, Human Relations, and Journal of Applied Psychology. He is the Associate Editor for organizational theory at the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences and an active member in the Canadian community of organizational theory scholars. Kai’s current research projects examine the use of rhetorical history by Canadian craft breweries and predatory publishing of research on organizations and management.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Aeon, B. & Lamertz, K. (2019). Those who control the past control the future: Historical narration and workplace identity control. Organization Studies, Forthcoming.
  • Lamertz, K., & Bhave, D. P. (2017). Employee perceptions of organisational legitimacy as impersonal bases of organisational trustworthiness and trust. Journal of Trust Research, 7(2), 129-149.
  • Lamertz, K., Foster, W. M., Coraiola, D. M., & Kroezen, J. (2016). New identities from remnants of the past: An examination of the history of beer brewing in Ontario and the recent emergence of craft breweries. Business History, 58(5), 796-828.
  • McQuarrie, F. A., Kondra, A. Z., & Lamertz, K. (2013). Government, coercive power and the perceived legitimacy of Canadian post-secondary institutions. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 43(2), 149-165.
  • Lamertz, K., & Martens, M. L. (2011). How do we make you look good? A social network study of upstream organizational impression management and the rhetorical construction of IPO firm images. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 28, 373-387.
  • Lamertz, K., & Heugens, P. (2009). Institutional translation through spectatorship: Collective consumption and editing of symbolic organizational texts by firms and their audiences. Organization Studies, 30(11). 1249-1279.
  • Tetrault-Sirsly, C. A., & Lamertz, K. (2008). When does a corporate social responsibility initiative provide a first-mover advantage? Business & Society, 47(3), 343-369.Lamertz, K., Carney, M., & Bastien, F. (2008). Image on the Internet: Interorganizational isomorphism in image management by professional soccer clubs. International Journal of Sports Management & Marketing, 3, 242-262.
  • Lamertz, K. (2006). Organizational citizenship behavior as performance in multiple informal network positions. Organization Studies, 27(1), 79-102.
  • Lamertz, K., Heugens, P. & Calmet, L. (2005). The configuration of organizational images among firms in the Canadian beer brewing industry. Journal of Management Studies, 42(4), 817-843.

Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Lamertz, K. & Foster,W.M. (2019). Claiming authentic craft identity: Rhetorical history in the website communications of Canadian craft breweries. Presented at EGOS, Edinburgh, UK
  • Lamertz, K., McQuarrie, F., & Kondra, A.Z. (2019). Publish now, perish later: How predatory journals signal legitimacy to academic audiences. Presented at the annual conference of ASAC, St. Catharines, ON
  • Lamertz, K. (2018). Employee claims of authenticity about institutional organizational identity in a regional craft brewing industry. Presented at the ASAC conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Virk, R., Lamertz, K., & Ravi, R. (2017). Airline entry into multipartner alliances: The embeddedness effect. Presented at the ASAC conference, Montreal, Canada
  • Lamertz, K., & Foster, W. M. (2017). Authentic organizational history. Presented at the Academy of Management conference, Atlanta, USA.
  • Lamertz, K., & Foster, W. M. (2016). Claiming authenticity: The rhetorical construction of organizational history through originality and credibility. Presented at the ASAC conference, Edmonton, Canada.
  • Bongiorno, T. & Lamertz, K. (2016). House of mirrors: A contextual model of reflected appraisals in organizations. Presented at the Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA.
  • Lamertz, K., Ship, S., Al Hajj, R., & Wassmer, U. (2014). Drawing boundaries around multipartner alliances (MPA): Institutional spectatorship and the evolution of MPA related collaboration within the global airline industry. Presented at the ASAC conference, Muskoka, Canada.
  • Lamertz, K., Kondra, A.Z., & McQuarrie, F. (2013). Managing organizational image at the borders of institutional expectations: New universities and their identities. Presented at EGOS, Montreal, QC.
  • Lamertz, K., McQuarrie, F., & Kondra, A. Z. (2012). Organizational legitimacy and identities in Canadian post-secondary education: Investigating students’ perceptions. Presented at the ASAC conference, St. John’s, Canada.