Houda Trabelsi, MSc

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Academic Coordinator & Department Chair, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems

Areas of Expertise: Digital business strategy, Technology Innovation adoption; Business Analytics, Digital Security and Privacy; Social networking management and communication strategies, and e-Learning.



  • M.Sc. - Moncton University
  • MB - Sherbrooke University
  • BComm - UQAM
  • MMA - Institut Superieur de Gestion



Houda Trabelsi is Business Technology Management (BTM) Academic Coordinator and Academic Chair, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. Her teachings include the strategic management of technology innovations, digital security and privacy, business intelligence and analytics, and overview of digital business.

Houda has coordinated the development and approval of the e-Commerce Major in 2000 and the Business Technology Management (BTM) program at our faculty lately in 2018. In addition, she is a member of the BTM/ITAC Forum Governing Council and actively involved in various projects and initiatives with the ITAC/BTM Canada. These include BTM program accreditation reviews, BTM national case competition, ITAC National TalentMash conference and the BTM forum.

Houda has research expertise in a wide range of areas, including digital business transformation, strategic mangement of technology innovations, Business intelligence and Analytics, digital security and privacy issues, and adoption of disruptive technologies and their implications for organizations and society, including digital ethics.

Houda has also been able to leverage her considerable business and academic experience in assisting organizations to maximize their investment in information technology and disruptive solutions. She works closely with e-business industry leaders towards building and developing successful e-commerce programs enabling students to achieve excellence in their fields.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Cocosila, M., & Trabelsi, H. (2016). An integrated value-risk investigation of contactless mobile payments adoption. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 20, 159-170.
  • Trabelsi, H. & Elloumi, F. (2005). Corporate reporting and the Internet: An international study. Proceedings of the Disney TLC Conference
  • Elloumi, F., & Trabelsi, H. (2004). Business reporting strategies on the Internet. Proceedings of the 5th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Culture, Science, and Technology.
  • Elloumi, F., & Trabelsi, H. (2002). Students’ learning approaches and instructors’ teaching approaches in online learning: The Case of e-Class in Business Education at AU. 7ème Colloque de l’AIM Conference Proceedings.
  • Trabelsi, H. (2002). Internet financial reporting: Opportunities and limitations. Journal of Global Information Management.
  • Elloumi, F., & Trabelsi, H. (2000). Developing an e-Class® model at Athabasca University. UNB Web-Based Learning Conference Proceedings.
  • Elloumi, F., & Trabelsi, H. (1993). Comptabilité de gestion: Vers une pratique renouvelée. La Revue Comptable et Financière.

Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Trabelsi, H., & Cocosila, M. (2016). Mobile payments in Canada: Perceived opportunities and challenges of contactless near field communication. Presented at the International Academic Business Conference, Orlando, USA.
  • Cocosila, M. and Trabelsi, H. (2014). Value-based adoption of contactless near field communication (FC) payments: A proposed empirical investigation. Presented at the International Conference of Mobile Business, London, UK.
  • Cocosila, M, Alain, A., & Trabelsi, H. (2010). The State of IS and e-Commerce Education in Canada. Presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference, Regina, Canada.
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  • Elloumi, F. and Trabelsi, H., (2002). Corporate reporting and the internet: The Canadian reality and perspectives. Presented at the 9th American Society of Business and Behaviour Sciences, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Trabelsi, H. (2002). Leveraging the Internet. Presented at the e-business CMA Seminar, Edmonton, Canada.
  • Trabelsi, H. (2002). Building an e-business presence. Presented at the Certified Management Accountants of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.