Helen Lam, PhD, CPHR

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Professor & Department Chair, Organizational Analysis

Areas of Expertise: Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Organizational Behaviour



  • PhD – University of Alberta
  • BSocSc – University of Hong Kong



Dr Helen Lam joined the Faculty of Business in August 2000 after completing her PhD program in Industrial Relations / Human Resource Management (HRM) at the University of Alberta. Her prior teaching experience includes teaching HRM courses at the University of Alberta and tutoring Industrial Relations courses for the undergraduate program at Athabasca University.

Dr Lam also brought with her twelve years of HRM work experience obtained both overseas and in Canada. Before she entered the PhD program, she had worked for government departments, a large public utility company and in the financial sector.

Dr Lam’s extensive HRM experience has allowed her to bridge the gap between theory and practice and especially in interacting with MBA students. Dr Lam has published many jounral articles over a broad range of research topics, including business ethics, employee rights and representations, employment implications in the digital era, legal issues and best practices in human resource management, and management education.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Lam, H., & Harcourt, M. (2019). Whistle-blowing in the digital era: motives, issues and recommendations. New Technology, Work and Employment, 34(2). 174-190.
  • Lam, H. (2019). Marijuana legalization in Canada: Insights for workplaces from case law analysis. Relations Indusrielles/Industrial Relations, 74(1), 39-65.
  • Khare, K., Lam, H., & Khare, A. (2018). Educational Data Mining (EDM): Researching impact on online business education. In On the Line (pp. 37-53). Springer, Cham.
  • Beckman, T., Lam, H., & Khare, A. (2017). Learning Assessment Must Change in a World of Digital “Cheats”. In Phantom Ex Machina (pp. 211-222). New York: Springer.
  • Lam, H. (2016). Social media dilemmas in the employment context. Employee Relations, 38(3), 420-437.
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  • Brivot, M., Lam, H., & Gendron, Y. (2014). Digitalization and promotion: An empirical study in a large law firm. British Journal of Management, 25(4), 805-818.
  • Lam, H. (2014). Essentials in Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour (2nd Edition), Toronto: Nelson Education.
  • De Thierry, E., Lam, H., Harcourt, M., Flynn, M., & Wood, G. (2014). Defined benefit pension decline: the consequences for organizations and employees. Employee Relations, 36(6), 654-673.

Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Lam, H., & Beckman, T. (2018). Bring your own device (BYOD): Organizational control and justice perspectives. Presented at Administrative Science Association of Canada, Toronto, Canada.
  • Lam, H., & Beckman, T. (2017). Bring your own device (BYOD): A blessing or a curse. Presented at Western Academy of Management Conference, Palm Springs, USA.
  • Beckman, T., Lam, H., & Khare A. (2016). Learning assessment must change in a world of digital “cheats”. Presented at Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference, Edmonton, Canada.
  • Harcourt, M. Lam, H., & Croucher, R. (2016). A new rationale for collective employee representation: Individual bargaining, the right to manage default, and mental heuristics. Presented at Society for the Advancement of Socio-economics, Berkeley, USA.
  • Harcourt, M, Lam, H., & Croucher, R. (2014). A critique of managerial prerogative and defence of economic democracy: Mental heuristics and behavioural economics. Presented at Society for Heterodox Economics, (New South Wales, Australia.
  • Lam, H., Hurst D., & Khare A. (2012). Overseas experiential learning courses in management programs: Planning, design and impact. Presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference, St. John’s, Canada.
  • Harcourt, M. & Lam, H. (2011). Inter-union conflict in a multi-union, non-exclusive bargaining regime: New Zealand lessons for the US. Presented at the Labor and Employment Relations Association Conference, Denver, USA.
  • Harcourt, M. & Lam, H. (2010). Inter-union conflict in a multi-union, non-exclusive bargaining regime: New Zealand lessons for the US. Presented at Pacific Employment Relations Association, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
  • Harcourt, M, & Lam, H. (2010). Collaboration between unions in a multi-union, nonexclusive bargaining regime: What can the U.S. learn from New Zealand? Presented at the International Academy of Management and Business Conference, Madrid, Spain.
  • Lam, H. & Khare, A. (2009). Overcoming the challenges of teaching online quantitative business courses. Presented at the conference on Global Business and Economic Development, Bratislava, Slovakia.