Hussein Al-Zyoud, PhD

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Program Director, Undergraduate & Assistant Professor, Economics

Areas of Expertise: Gender Wage Gap; International Economics; Mutual Funds



  • PhD Economics – AMU, India
  • MA – AMU, India
  • BA – Bangalore University



Dr Hussein Al-Zyoud is an economist with an expertise in the area of international economics. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches, he employs combinations of marginal productivity theory, human capital and normative theories of equity in order to undertake his research.

Dr Al-Zyoud has published his research on a range of social topics of particular relevance to Canada, including income equality and the gender wage gap. He has also contributed to a number of leading conferences, including the National Business and Economics Society and the International Academy of African Business and Development.

Dr Al-Zyoud is currently the Undergraduate Program Director at the Faculty of Business. His approach to teaching is to work hard in order to know his students on a personal level and to help them become active and effective learners.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Majeed, I., Al-Zyoud, H., & Ahmad, N. (2019) Impact of Islamic jurisprudence on the demand for Halal meat in OIC countries: An augmented gravity model approach. British Food Journal. 121(7),1614-1626
  • Al-Zyoud, Hussein, Shahid Islam and Carolyn Leblanc (2018). Trends and Dynamics of Inequality in Alberta. Labour & Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of work. Volume 28 (3),182-202.
  • Al-Zyoud, H., Wang, E. Z., & Basso, M. G. (2018). Dynamics of Canadian oil price and its impact on exchange rate and stock market. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 8(3), 107-114.
  • Al-Zyoud, H., & Belassi, Walid. (2017). Gender segregation and the gender wage gap: Rising inequality in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Asian Social Science, 13(2), 64.
  • Al-Zyoud, H., & Elloumi, F. (2017). Dynamics of Canadian trade pattern: A time-series analysis. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 9(3), 115-125.
  • Al-Zyoud, H. (2015). An empirical test of purchasing power parity theory for Canadian dollar-US dollar exchange rates. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 7(3), 233-240.
  • Al-Zyoud, H., & Leblanc, C. (2015). Cooperatives: An investment in democracy and economic growth. The International Journal of Civic, Political, and Community Studies, 13(2), 1-12
  • Musila, J., & Al-Zyoud, H. (2012). Exchange rate volatility and international trade flows in Sub-Saharan Africa: Empirical evidence. Journal of African Business, 13(2), 115-122.

Selected Recent Conferences/Presentations

  • Al-Zyoud, H. (2019). Gender wage gap in BC. Presented at the IABE Conference, LA, USA.
  • Al-Zyoud, H. (2018). Gender wage gap. Presented at the NBES Conference, Honolulu, USA.
  • Al-Zyoud, H. (2016). Remittance and export competitiveness in the Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Presented at the IAABD Conference, Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Al-Zyoud, H. (2014). Cooperatives: An investment in democracy and economic growth. Presented at the 12TH International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Madrid, Spain.