Glen Farrelly, PhD

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Assistant Professor, Business Communications

Areas of Expertise: Digital and social media; HCI; Geolocative technologies; Inclusive design and Accessibility



  • PhD – University of Toronto
  • Masters of Professional Communication – Royal Roads University
  • Internet Management Certificate - Humber College
  • BA – York University



Glen Farrelly is a communication and media researcher, educator, and consultant specializing in the strategic and operational use of digital and emerging media. He attained his PhD in Information from the University of Toronto and completed a Masters of Professional Communication in a blended online program from Royal Roads University. Prior to joining Athabasca University in 2019, he taught for Ryerson University's Professional Communications department and for Wilfrid Laurier University.

Dr. Farrelly's research examines the user behaviour and interface experiences with web, social, and mobile media, with a specific focus on geolocative technologies. Dr. Farrelly has received funding for his research from Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

During his extensive career in corporate communications and media production, Dr. Farrelly helped launch one of Canada’s first mobile apps, managed an e-Business site for a large financial institution, wrote articles for Canadian Geographic and Backbone Magazine, and won two international business communications awards. Dr. Farrelly also works as a consultant advising organizations on the strategic use of social media, developing mobile applications, optimizing the user experience of educational websites and e-commerce sites, and innovating via emerging media.

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Selected Recent Publications

  • Farrelly, G. (2016). How locative media may enhance sense of place. Mobile Usability: State of the Art and Implications, IGI Global.
  • Farrelly, G. (2015). Which way is up? Locative media and sense of place. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, 7(3), 55-66.
  • Farrelly, G. (2014). Irreplaceable: The role of geotargeted place information in a location based service. Journal of Location Based Services, 8(2), 123–132.
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  • Farrelly, G. (2012). The role of location-based services in shaping sense of place. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 49(1), 1–3.
  • Farrelly, G. (2011). Practitioner barriers to diffusion and implementation of web accessibility. Technology and Disability, 23(4), 223-232.
  • Farrelly, G. (2009). On tags and signs: A semiotic analysis of folksonomies. Faculty of Information Quarterly, 1(2).
  • Farrelly, G. (2009). Does Rotten Tomatoes spoil users? Examining whether social media features foster participatory culture. Stream: Culture/Politics/Technology, 1(2), 38–48.

Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Farrelly, G. (2018). Elders, memory and data visualisation: Changing aging cues with news media. Presented at the Big Data Research, Analytics, & Information Network AGM, Toronto, Canada.
  • Ladly, M., Bakker, T., Chadha, K., Farrelly, G., & Micak, K. (2017). Reality recalled: Elders, memory and virtual reality. Presented at the 23nd International Conference on Virtual System & Multimedia, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Farrelly, G. (2016). The design process in creating tablet applications. Presented at the Women in Engineering and Science Design Competition, Toronto, Canada.
  • Farrelly, G. (2015). Positioning the user in mobile, locative applications. Presented at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show, Toronto, Canada.
  • Ladly, M., Farrelly, G., & Mangaard, A. (2015). Postcard Memories: An application for patients with early stage dementia. Presented at Aging 2.0 Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Farrelly, G. (2015). Place-making in hybrid space with mobile media. Presented at the International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Ladly, M., Ludlow, B., Wright, L. & Farrelly, G. (2015). The CBC Newsworld Holodeck. Presented at the Canadian Visual Analytics School, Toronto, Canada.
  • Farrelly, G. (2014). Locative media and sense of place. Presented at the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, Toronto, Canada.
  • Farrelly, G. (2014). Social georeferencing: Bring content into the field. Presented at the Handheld Librarian Online Conference.