Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce, PhD

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Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise: Strategy; Business Ethics; Sustainability; Cross-sector Partnerships; Multinationals; B-Corps, Developing Countries



  • PhD – University of Waterloo
  • MEng (NR) – Lincoln University
  • BEng – University of Santiago



Dr. Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce is a management engineer working on the areas of strategic management, sustainability, and business ethics. He has almost 10 years of international work experience in business and sustainability working for the private and civil society sectors. He joined Athabasca University Faculty of Business in 2018 as Assistant Professor in Strategic Management and Ethical Decision Making.

Dr Ordonez-Ponce’s research is placed at the intersection of business and society with the aim of contributing to the sustainability of society. While he has work experience from various industries, his practitioner and academic research has focused on organizational strategy, cross-sector social partnerships, sustainable business, and sustainable cities/communities. Currently, Dr Ordonez-Ponce’s areas of research involve the study of multinational corporations’ sustainability strategies in the context of developing countries, B-Corps, sustainability partnerships, and the business contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Ordonez-Ponce has teaching experience with undergraduates, graduate students, as well as with adult education, in face-to-face and online formats. He collaborates with international researchers in a project on implementing sustainable community plans.

Selected Recent Publications

Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Talbot, D. (2020). The Sustainability Strategies of Multinational Enterprises from Developed and Emerging Economies in the context of Developing Countries. Academy of International Business - Latin America & the Caribbean (AIB-LAC).
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E. (2020). The Relevance of Institutional Context for the Achievement of Sustainability Challenges: The Cross-sector Partnerships of Barcelona and Bristol. 7th biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI).
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E. (2019). Sustainability Strategies of Multinational Corporations in the Context of Developing Countries. Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference Proceedings. (ASAC)
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Devenin, V. (2019). Governance Models for Sustainability: Comparing B Corps and Cross-sector Partnerships. 2019 Global B Corp Academic Community Roundtable Proceedings.
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Clarke, A. (2018). Strategy and partnerships: The role of structures. Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), Chicago, USA.
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Clarke, A. (2018). The strategic engagement of organizations in sustainability partnerships. Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), Chicago, USA.
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Clarke, A. (2018). Business contributions to the achievement of the sustainable development goals through partnering for local sustainability. Presented at the International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CCSI), Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Ordonez-Ponce, E. (2017). Understanding the strategic engagement of organizations in cross-sector partnerships for the implementation of community sustainability plans. Presented at the Society for Business Ethics (SBE) Annual Meeting, Atlanta, USA.