Aris Solomon, PhD

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Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Corporate Governance; Environmental Reporting



  • PhD – Sheffield University
  • BA – Middlesex University
  • BA – Westminster
  • MA – Essex University



Dr Aris Solomon joined the faculty of Athabasca University in 2008 after four years as a lecturer and then senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Exeter (UK). His teachings included financial and management accounting at the undergraduate level and corporate governance and corporate social responsibility at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

Dr Solomon received a scholarship for his PhD at both Manchester and Sheffield universities and has acquired several research grants over the years amounting to just over $100,000. His recent research projects include looking at disclosure in private meetings between institutional investors and companies, funded by a grant from The Nuffield Foundation in the UK; developing a new accounting statement to look at the financial contribution that companies make to society; and overseeing the business section of the Athabasca River Basin Bibliography, for which he was awarded a grant of $50,000 from The Athabasca River Basin Institute (ARBI).

Because Dr Solomon obtained his degrees as a mature student – he earned first degree at 29 and his PhD at 39 – he is firmly committed to the open university model and its philosophy to remove educational barriers and open the doors to education for all students.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Atkins, J. F., Solomon, A., Norton, S., & Joseph, N. L. (2015). The emergence of integrated private reporting. Meditari Accountancy Research, 23(1), 28-61.
  • Solomon, J. F., Solomon, A., Joseph, N. L., & Norton, S. D. (2013). Impression management, myth creation and fabrication in private social and environmental reporting: Insights from Erving Goffman. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 38(3), 195-213.
  • Solomon, J. F., Solomon, A., Norton, S. D., & Joseph, N. L. (2011). Private climate change reporting: an emerging discourse of risk and opportunity? Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 24(8), 1119-1148.
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  • Solomon, A., Solomon, J., & Suto, M. (2004). Can the UK experience provide lessons for the evolution of SRI in Japan? Corporate Governance: An International Review, 12(4), 552-566.
  • McCann, L., Solomon, A., & Solomon, J. F. (2003). Explaining the growth in UK socially responsible investment. Journal of General Management, 28(4), 15-36.
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Selected Recent Conferences Presentations

  • Solomon, A., & Solomon, J.F. (2001). Is a virtuous circle for corporate social responsibility arising from the new socially responsible investment disclosure requirement for pension fund trustees? Presented at the Corporate Social Responsibility: Issues, Policies and Practices Seminar, London, UK.
  • Solomon, A. (2001). The Emerging Role of Pension Fund Trustees in Socially Responsible Investment. Presented at the 4th International Conference on Corporate Governance and Direction, Greenlands, UK.
  • Solomon, A. (2001). Empirical evidence on corporate governance in South Korea. Presented at the 4th International Conference on Corporate Governance and Direction, Greenlands, UK.
  • Solomon, A., & Lewis, L. A. (2000). Incentives and disincentives for corporate environmental disclosure. Presented at the Business Strategy and the Environment Conference, Leeds, UK.