CFP Frequently Asked Questions

Is Athabasca University (AU) approved as a provider of Core Curriculum Courses for FP Canada education requirements?

Yes, Athabasca University is an approved educational provider of approved Core Curriculum programs. AU provides the required courses students must complete to qualify to write the QAFP Examination. Introduction to Professional Ethics is also required (not provided by AU). You may choose to complete this before, at the same time, or after completion of the other courses.

AU was granted approval on June 14, 2016.

What if I completed courses in the Core Curriculum prior to Athabasca University being approved as a Core Curriculum provider?

If you took courses prior to Athabasca University becoming an approved Core Curriculum provider, you may be eligible to write the exam. However, You must also have taken FNCE 322 Personal Finance in its new revision (revision 5) which opened in April 2017 as it covers necessary content in order to meet FP Canada's education requirements.

What if some of my course requirements were taken elsewhere and transferred to my program?

You may need to provide a transfer credit equivalency report in order to show the course was equivalent to the course(s) here. An advisor in our Student Support Centre can help you with this.

What are the requirements to be eligible to write the QAFP® Exam?

You will need to have taken all four of the Core Curriculum courses, including the newest revision of Finance 322 (revision 5) or higher as well as have maintained a minimum grade of 65% in each course. You do not need to be a BComm or BMgmt program student to take these courses. You will also need to have completed the FP Canada Introduction to Professional Ethics.

I want to become CFP® Certified, does Athabasca University offer this?

Athabasca University is an approved provider of the Core and Advanced Curriculum program. In addition to the Core Curriculum courses you must also complete our TAXX 301 to meet the advanced curriculum. Find more information on what is involved in addition to these curriculum requirements here.

Do I need to be enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Management program to take the four courses offered by AU prepare for my QAFP® Certification?

No. You can choose to take just the four courses offered by AU to prepare for the QAFP® Certification examination. However, some of the courses included in the Core Curriculum may have prerequisites that will be required to be completed prior to starting. If you have any questions about the Core Courses or prerequisites, please contact the Student Support Centre for assistance.

Once I am QAFP® Certified, can I use my credentials in my title?

Yes! You are able to use the designation and logo. You can find the logo’s and proper usage guidelines here.

Will a diploma or degree be required to obtain a certification with FP Canada?

Effective April 1, 2022, new applicants for QAFP certification must hold a post-secondary diploma from an accredited college or university.

Effective April 1, 2022, new applicants for CFP certification must hold a post-secondary degree from an accredited college or university.

*QAFP professionals and CFP professionals already certified on or before March 31, 2022, are exempt from the post-secondary education requirements.

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What is the difference between a CFP and CFA?

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