Certified Hockey Professional Designation

For the first time in hockey’s history, a program is in place to develop the leaders in the boardroom, rather than on the ice.

Certified Hockey Professional

The Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) was launched in early 2015 with the goal of improving the economic viability of professional and amateur hockey through education, research, consulting, and advocacy. As part of its educational mandate, BHI created the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation.

The CHP was created with four interrelated objectives in mind:

Identify and recognize the executives and managers whose efforts make it possible for others to play and watch the most exciting sport on the planet.
Encourage talented executives and managers to pursue a career in the hockey business.
Create a pool of draft-ready managerial talent to staff hockey-related organizations.
Improve the economic viability of professional and amateur hockey

The CHP is only awarded to individuals who are members in good standing of BHI. In order to qualify, members must:

  • Provide two reference letters affirming that they possess the professional demeanor and moral character expected of CHPs;
  • Provide evidence that they are familiar with, and able to apply, the core concepts of each of the functional areas of management (i.e., accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behaviour, human resources management, strategy, operations management). Evidence can come in the form of transcripts confirming a business degree or management degree at a recognized post secondary institution, transcripts confirming successful completion of courses in each of the functional areas of management, and/or submission of an employment portfolio that provides of evidence of 10 or more years of management experience in each of the functional areas of management;
  • Complete the CHP education program through BHI’s academic partner, Athabasca University; and
  • Accumulate a minimum of three years of full-time management experience, with at least two of those years being in one or more hockey-related organizations (e.g., franchises, leagues).

Those who hold the CHP are required to demonstrate on an annual basis that they are maintaining their professional currency through continuing education and attendance at industry events.

Program Information

The CHP education program consists of six, senior MBA level courses that focus on business-related aspects of hockey. These courses were developed with input from executives representing both professional and amateur hockey (e.g., NHL, AHL, WHL, Hockey Canada) and all functional areas of the hockey business (e.g., marketing, finance, operations).

Prior to beginning your CHP courses, you are required to take a one week orientation to ensure you are prepared for the online learning environment and set-up for success.

Structure and Curriculum

The AU Certified Hockey Professional Designation education program integrates theory and practice by focusing on real business problems, building on the knowledge and expertise of both teachers and learners. The curriculum concentrates on the management areas critical to organizational performance, and requires you to connect the program to your experience in your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar.

These courses are paced, meaning there are scheduled start and end dates, and assignment deadlines within each course. Courses are also asynchronous, which means you are never required to be online at a particular time.

Plan to spend 20 – 25 hours per week on your studies.

All online courses are eight weeks long.

2021 Electives

Course Schedule Start End
Hockey Specialization Orientation One week prior to course start date Orientation will run Monday - Friday
EBSH 641 - The Business of Hockey January 11, 2021 March 7, 2021
EHOP 645 - Hockey Operations March 22, 2021 May 16, 2021
EGMM 644 - Hockey Game Day Management & Marketing May 31, 2021 July 25, 2021
EMHS 642 - Marketing Hockey Strategically August 16, 2021 October 10, 2021
RAFM 646 - Applied Hockey Franchise Management In-Residence (Toronto, Nov 3-7) August 30, 2021 November 7, 2021
HCKY 643 - Integrated Marketing Communications for Hockey October 18, 2021 December 12, 2021
Single course registration closes six weeks prior to start date.


All applications to enroll in the CHP education program are assessed by the Business of Hockey Institute (BHI). This is a competitive process with limited spots available in each cohort.

Application Requirements

To be accepted into the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) education program, you must have an understanding of the core concepts in each of the functional areas of management, which may be demonstrated through one, or a combination, of the following:

  • you have an undergraduate degree in business or management from an accredited institution
  • you have successfully completed business courses in each of the functional areas of management at an accredited institution
  • you have 10 years of management experience in business

Your application package must include the following:

  1. Your detailed resume
  2. University transcripts and/or proof of professional designation, if applicable
  3. Three references attesting to your management experience and readiness for graduate studies
  4. A brief essay outlining your expectations from the program
  5. A completed online application form
  6. A $207 non-refundable AU application fee

Apply to the CHP education program here.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees include e-Textbooks and our learning environment software, but do not include Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint are required), Internet charges, GST, and some travel and accommodation costs associated with the in-residence elective.

Tuition and Fees Breakdown

Application & Admission
MBA Application fee $207.00 due with your application
MBA Admission fee $865.00 due upon acceptance into the program
MBA Courses
Six MBA phase one courses $19,002.00 $3,167.00 per course, due upon registration
Four MBA phase two courses $12,668.00 $3,167.00 per course, due upon registration
Certified Hockey Professional courses
Five CHP online courses $15,835.00 $3,167.00 each, payable upon registration
One CHP in-residence course $4,222.00 payable upon registration
Total $52,799.00

The Application fee, admission fee, and transfer credit evaluation fee are non-refundable.

CHP - Single Courses

Athabasca University in partnership with the Business of Hockey Institute now offers single course registration within the Certified Hockey Professional Program (CHP).

Students registering in single courses will be considered “visiting students”. Should a student wish to later enroll in the MBA in Hockey Management or CHP, after completing a single course(s) as a visiting student, they may be eligible to do so provided they meet all entry criteria of the AU MBA and/or the CHP and apply for admission within a reasonable time frame.

Registering for a CHP course as a visiting student

To register in a single CHP course, applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed application form , including the $207 application fee.
  2. Resume and/or transcripts demonstrating sufficient business knowledge for participation in the course(s) being applied for.
  3. If requested, a brief essay or cover letter which clearly states why you wish to complete one or more of the CHP courses (to a maximum of three courses).

Once your application package has been received, you may be contacted by the Business of Hockey Institute for a phone interview as part of the admission decision.

There are a small number of openings in each course for visiting students (single course takers). Priority will be given to those with experience working in a hockey-related industry, then to individuals with strong hockey backgrounds, and finally to those who are able to demonstrate that the course will assist them in pursuing a career in hockey.

Resume & Essay/Cover Letter

Please include a current resume which clearly indicates management experience and experience in hockey and hockey-related organizations.

To assess your managerial experience and your potential for graduate level studies, completion of a brief (500 word) essay/cover letter is required. Please respond to the following three questions in your essay:

  • Why do you want to apply to take Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) courses?
  • How will the CHP courses enhance your career?
  • What do you expect these courses to offer you in terms of personal development, career development, and learning?


Prior to beginning any online courses, students are required to take a one week orientation to ensure you are prepared for the online learning environment and set-up for success.

There are five single courses that are available to take within the CHP program:

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees include e-Textbooks and our learning environment software, but do not include Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint are required), Internet charges, or Graduate Student Association fees.

Application & Admission
$207.00 AU Application fee*

CHP Course Fee
$3,167.00 per course, due upon registration

*Application fee is non-refundable.

Honorary CHP’s

Each year, BHI awards an honorary CHP to an individual who epitomizes the qualities, capabilities, and accomplishments desired by existing and future CHPs. These are individuals who have made impressive off-ice contributions to their organizations that have earned them the respect of their peers in other hockey-related organizations.

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