In Residence Electives Registrations

In Residence Electives Registrations

Registrations for the Spring 2015 in residence electives will be open soon. Start planning today, and check out what’s coming up!

The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions
January 12 – March 20 (in residence March 2 – 6)
*This is a 10-week, 6 credit course

This course will focus on integrating all three dimensions of mergers and acquisitions – strategic, financial, and human – to help organizations anticipate and handle the pain and realize the gain of an acquisitive transaction.

Our proposition is that important lessons can be learned from both successful and failed mergers; the course will blend theory and practice in each lesson and in our residential sessions students will hear from deal-makers who will share decades of experiences and insights.

Advanced Project Management

February 9 – April 3 (in residence March 2 – 6)

Most people manage projects on a daily basis. Few, however, apply project management practices. Even those that consider project management their profession (15 million strong world wide according to the Project Management Institute, 1999) often use only the most basic tools and techniques.  This course builds from a basic understanding of project management concepts to look at advanced topics that help improve the effectiveness of project management as a discipline.


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Please note:

3-credit electives in residence are designed for completion over an eight-week period. This typically requires students to complete preparatory work consisting of readings, participation in course applications, and a short assignment in the first three weeks, followed by an intensive week-long, in residence session. In most cases, in residence courses will focus on both individual and group work and, in all cases, will require completion of an individual assignment during the four weeks following the in residence week.

6-credit electives in residence are designed for completion over a ten-week period. The workload is the equivalent of taking one 3-credit online elective plus one 3-credit in residence elective at the same time. As a bonus, although you have an intense and heavy workload during the course, you can complete it and earn 6 credits in a condensed period of time. The cost is equivalent to the tuition for one online elective plus one in residence elective.


AU MBA alumni receive a 20% tuition discount when registering for electives – either Canadian in residence or online!

Check out the upcoming electives schedule – we’d love to see you again!

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