Travel, explore, and learn too!

Every year, Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business offers a variety of in-residence electives that gives students the opportunity to travel, while also learning on-site – because who doesn’t love a field trip? In-residence electives are open to students as well as alumni. Hurry, deadlines quickly approaching!

International Business: Understanding and Managing Legal Risks (RIBL 687)

Course Dates: June 12 – August 20, 2017
In-residence week: July 31 – August 4 | Washington, DC
Registration deadline: April 26

This 6-credit course is designed for completion over a 10-week period, with week eight being delivered in-residence in Washington, DC.

Setting up projects or investing in foreign countries without realizing the potential risks of such activities is commonplace. This course is designed to provide an understanding of these foreign aspects in order to support decisions that both discern and minimize the risk of doing business in various global contexts. Students will explore international law practices and enforcement through a series of topics. Content covered includes understanding the legal risks of foreign investment, minimizing the risks by investing in countries which have Bilateral Investment Treaties with the home country, political risk insurance, and using international arbitration or mediation to settle disputes which may result in awards which are enforceable against the assets of the foreign government.

The in-residence week will consist of lectures, individual and group case studies, and guest speakers who share experiences and advice for engaging in problem solving related to the understanding and management of legal business risks. Last year’s program included visits to the Canadian Embassy, US State Department, Transparency International, and World Bank, to name just a few.

Negotiation & Conflict Management (RNCM 656)

Course Dates: June 26 – August 20, 2017
In-residence week: July 24 – 28 | Toronto, ON
Registration deadline: April 26

This 3-credit course is designed for completion over an 8-week period, with week five being delivered in-residence in Toronto, ON.

In this course we will introduce and examine the various conflict management and negotiation strategies and techniques. Participants will be introduced to how the application of creative thinking to conflict situations can help generate collaborative (win-win) solutions. Formal dispute resolution mechanisms including mediation and arbitration will also be covered.

The in-residence week will be spent in a combination of activities, including lectures, negotiation simulation, group exercises, video and guest presentations. Although the course concepts are generally applicable across a variety of settings, the focus of most activities will be on workplace conflict, involving, in particular, labour/employee relations.

Doing Business in a Recovering Economy: Experiencing Greece (RBGR 695)

Course Dates: August 28 – November 5, 2017
In-residence week: October 16 – 20 | Athens, Greece
Registration deadline: April 30

This 6-credit course is designed for completion over a 10-week period, with week eight being delivered in-residence in Athens, Greece.

Greece, since the end of 2009, was held up to the rest of the world as an example of the worst of the southern European economies, with a corrupt public sector running up massive debts and a private sector largely dependent on the state. However, a growing number of Greek entrepreneurs started building a new generation of innovative and value added enterprises, and laying the foundations of what could be a new economic landscape for the country.

In this elective students will gain real-world international business experience by exploring the aforementioned business opportunities as well as organizational problems that firms face when doing business in Greece. The core of this course consists of experiential learning opportunities through the lenses of real-case business challenges/projects of Greece based companies (clients) that students will work on.

The draft agenda for the week in Athens includes a visit to the Acropolis, a walking photographic tour in the centre of the Athens historical district, and company visits to COCO-MAT (a Greek multinational company specializing in mattresses & bedroom accessories), APIVITA (a Greek multinational cosmetics company – and bee keeping experience!), and Papagiannakos bio climatic winery (wine tour and tasting). We’ll wrap up the week with a visit to Sounio Poseidon Archaeological Temple (famous for its sunsets) and dinner in Vouliagmeni, the Athens Riviera.

For more information on how to register, please contact Jill Grandy, Coordinator In-Residence Electives