The Athabasca University Award for Indigenous Undergraduate and Graduate students

Deadlines to apply for post-secondary bursaries, scholarships, and awards offered through Indspire: August 1 | November 1 | February 1

The Athabasca University award for Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students is for prospective or registered students who identify themselves as Indigenous and intend to start or complete a business degree program at Athabasca University. This award will encourage diversity and inclusion by reducing the financial investment in post-secondary education for learners from Indigenous communities.

Awards Criteria:

Individuals whose professional achievements demonstrate an extraordinary passion for business, entrepreneurship, and community, as well as personal financial need will be eligible for this award.

Awards Category: Post-Secondary Education Awards

Program of Study:  Undergraduate or graduate programs at the Faculty of Business

Indigenous affiliation: Any

Application Deadline(s): February 1, August 1, November 1

Visit the bilingual Building Brighter Futures: Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards program guidelines on the Indspire website to learn about all the funding offered to support post-secondary education.

Please read the program guidelines before filling out the application form.