AUFB Faculty Notes

Faculty Notes – November

This month, we catch up with professors Anshuman Khare, Janice Thomas and Kam Jugdev, as well as academic coaches Oliver Mack and Thomas Mengel, all of whom have been busy with presentations overseas and at home.


Anshuman_2012a_150x170Anshuman Khare, PhD
Professor, Operations Management & Sustainable Development

Dr. Khare is off to Japan to examine issues related to green supply chain management with professors there. He will visit several small and medium enterprises (SMEs) including Yuasa, a traditional soy sauce maker; Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd, a hazardous materials compliant electronics company; Nihon Sakari Co. Ltd., a Saki Brewery committed to green supply chain; and Kyoto City, with green supply chain issues related to their new city aquarium.

Dr. Khare will be a Corporate Governance Panel member and featured speaker at the Fourth Asian Business Management Conference from November 20-24 in Osaka.  He will be presenting his paper, “David vs. Goliath: SMEs role in winning the sustainability battle,” co-authored with Dana CobleMBA ‘13, and is the conference’s program advisor (sustainabilty).

Dr. Khare is honoured to have been invited to be on the advisory committee for the World Symposium on Sustainability at Universities hosted by the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in Manchester, England, September 2014.


Janice_Thomas_headshotJanice Thomas, PhD
Professor, Project Management

Dr. Thomas spent  from November 1 – 10 in Puerto Rico, working with doctoral students at the University of Turabo and presenting a keynote entitled “Exploring the impact of bodies of knowledge on professional practice and professionalizationm” at the Puerto Rican PMI Conference.

Dr. Thomas has been recognized as a Fellow of the Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI SAC), awarded to her at the PMI Awards Gala on November 13th. She was also awarded an Erasmas Fellowship to work with Dr. Thomas Bloomquist in Umea, Sweden this fall on “Exploring the value of project management.”

Dr. Thomas also presented two pieces of work at the PMI SAC conference on November 12 and 13:  “Do you really want to have tribal council governance – and do you know if you do?” co-written with colleague Dr. Jenny Krahn, and “Surviving projects: Are you really managing risk?” co-written with Candice Davies.


Kam_Jugdev_Jun12_150x170Kam Jugdev, PhD, PMP
Professor, Project Management and Strategy

Dr. Jugdev was recently awarded an Academic Research Fund grant to support her research on “Burnout and engagement in project management.”





Academic Coach

Dr. Mack presented two papers this month.  At the annual Innovation 2013 Conference in Munich, Germany, he participated in a panel discussion about “Transfer of entrepreneurial success factors and the Lean Startup approach from tech startups to large established organizations.” He also presented at the Dynaplan Annual Meeting “Modelling & Planning,” 2013, in Munich his paper “New trends in planning – How to apply ideas of Crowdsourcing and gamification to planning.”


tmengelThomas Mengel, PhD
Academic Coach

At the Association of Atlantic Universities 2013 Teaching Showcase, Dr. Mengel presented “”I love to study!”…”Well, I don’t!”” – Assessment of Student Motivation and Learning. A peer-reviewed presentation on October 26th, at Mount Allison University, located in Sackville, New Brunswick.

On November 1st, he shared his peer-reviewed presentation, “Coaching for resilience – Leadership development utilizing concepts of meaning and motivation”,  at the 2013 Global Conference of the International Leadership Association, in Montreal, Quebec.

Dr. Mengel will present another peer-reviewed paper, “Teaching Journal – Reintroducing learning into teaching,”  at the Kaleidoscope 2013 Teaching and Learning Conference at the University of Moncton, New Brunswick on December 5th, 2013.