Dr. Tilly Jensen, Lyryx OER Champion of the Year!

Congratulations to Dr. Tilly Jensen!

We are incredibly proud of the work Dr. Tilly Jensen has put in place to help fuel the open educational resource (OER) movement and her hard efforts have paid off! Because of her significant contributions, she was awarded the Lyryx OER Champion of the Year. Lyryx will be presenting the Faculty of Business at Athabasca University with an award of $1,500 to help further fund OER initiatives.

Dr. Jensen was nominated by Suzanne Kyle who passionately wrote:

“Currently, all three of Tilly’s courses have OERs in place and are actively running. Tilly has worked diligently with the province and all other stakeholders, first to secure the level of funding needed, without which the OERs would never have been written. Second, she also provided countless hours of mentoring to the OER authors, and to other Athabasca University staff. Since Tilly is a respected and experienced author herself, she was in a unique position to take the lead for these OERs, to liaise with all the stakeholders, including Department of Education, and take this process from funding acquisition, to production to rollout for all three of her 3rd-level university courses. During that time, she took the lead to navigate the many roadblocks and to resolve the myriad of issues arising throughout the OER process so that the OER project would reach fruition, which they have. This took a lot of effort in addition to her other duties with Athabasca University. One last and very important point, Tilly is a staunch supporter and is truly passionate about the creation of OERs and three newly created OERs to add to the OER community is proof of that passion.”

Once again, congratulations to Dr. Jensen. We are excited to see how she will continue to contribute to the OER movement in the future.

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