Class Notes – April 2017

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Mike Gilmore, MBA ’16, recently accepted the role of Operations Manager with NOR-EX Engineering. NOR-EX has a proven approach to successfully delivering a diverse range of complex projects in the fields of strategic planning, government policy development, natural resources regulatory affairs, northern construction, environmental management and ice engineering. Mike is excited at the opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge he gained though the MBA in this new role.
(photo credit: Corinne Lutter)

Nicola Archibald, MBA ’17, PMP recently accepted the position of Director of Professional Services with Incognito Software Systems. Nicola’s new role is to oversee the day-to-day activities of the Professional Services Engineers, look for new business opportunities, and work with the Vice President of Operations to create strategic plans for the Professional Services Team. Nicola’s team and customers are global as Incognito Software Systems provides software solutions to the Cable and Telecommunications industries worldwide; two areas experiencing significant growth. Nicola looks forward to using her recently gained skills in the MBA program to help her be successful in this new role.

Jose E. Costa, MBA ITM ’01, has over thirty years progressive Engineering (manufacturing) and Business experience in a variety of roles. These include 17 years as Advisor (IRAP & OCE) providing/managing government programs’ applications & referrals and consulting to Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) in several industries. He was also Chair and Acting Dean for the School of Engineering at Centennial College for several years, leading unionized employees and interacting with stakeholders in Government and in Education. Over 25 years of teaching part-time currently at U of T (Leadership in Project Management). 

Julie Miller, MBA student, has recently been appointed Director of Operations and Community Development for the Cosmos Group of Companies. Julie’s role is to oversee operations of a non-profit support services company, Human Resources and Administrative departments and business development through social enterprise.

Raj Perumal, MBA Student, has recently joined Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) as Director of Information Technology. He will be leading a comprehensive transformation of Ducks Unlimited Canada’s older technology systems to bring them into the digital age. Raj will develop and direct DUC’s IT strategy, providing vision and leadership in all aspects of management and operations.

Jean Marc Leclerc, MBA ’02. As Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jean Marc Leclerc is responsible for all facets of the automotive, motorcycle and power equipment brands in Canada, overseeing the product planning, marketing and communications, transportation logistics, sales and customer engagement functions. Jean Marc is also a member of Honda’s Company Operating Committee (COC) and the Executive Planning Group (EPG).

Stanley Chang, CPA, CGA, MBA ’07, has been appointed the role of Chief Financial Officer of Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and Executive Director, Deposit Insurance of Financial Institutions Commission. Stanley’s role is accountable for the development, implementation and administration of deposit insurance programs. This includes to work through some key crisis management initiatives, payout planning, and establishing deposit insurance assessment methodology for British Columbia’s credit unions. Currently, Stanley also serves as a member of the board of directors for the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and a trustee of the Surrey Public Library.

Juan C. Algernon, MBA ’13, is very pleased to announce that after more than 30 years of experience working in the corporate world, he is launching his new business: “Algernon Consulting”. In this new endeavour, Juan will support businesses through consulting, coaching and training, to produce breakthrough results in their change management and improvement efforts, helping them increase their competitiveness and profitability, reducing the massive human cost in their organizations. Juan will represent Arbinger, an American consulting company recognized as a world-leader in improving organizational culture, conflict resolution, and changing mindset.

Shameer Gilani, MBA ’14 As the Director of the Business Banking Centre (BBC) at ATB Financial, I get the immense pleasure of leading a team of high performing, passionate and engaged sales team members (Business Banking Advisors) who provide specialized advice and solutions to start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business clients in Alberta. I get to work each and every day to enable my team to focus on relationships first and provide value added and meaningful advice to help grow the entrepreneurship space in Alberta. We are a pretty unique team that thrives on having fun and doing great work. Check out our unique hiring strategy through our LinkedIn Talent Community to learn more about the team, what we do and to understand why I love what I do.

Basil El-Borno, MBA ’11 is the founder and president of One Orange One, an innovation consulting company that helps leaders and organizations attain clarity of purpose and priorities to turn dreams into creation of new value.

Monica Curtis, MBA ’02. Alberta has chosen experienced manager Monica Curtis to run a new agency tasked with using the province’s carbon tax windfall to make homes and businesses more energy efficient. Curtis, who will become the first chief executive officer (CEO) of Energy Efficiency Alberta, has spent decades designing and measuring energy efficiency programs in various locales, previously working at Edmonton and Saskatchewan power utilities.
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Marlene Houstan, MBA Student is excited to join Infrastructure Ontario as the Vice President, Procurement. In this new role, Marlene will oversee the Real Estate Management and Corporate Services procurement activities.