Announcing an AI-powered virtual cooperative learning experience

Some Athabasca University students could soon have the opportunity to get on-the-job training without ever having to leave their homes and communities.

In the strategic plan for Athabasca University Faculty of Business (AU-FB), The Difference Makers, the faculty sets out to innovate and enhance teaching and learning success as one of its three strategic intentions. One of the ways AU-FB identified was to move forward with a virtual cooperative experience powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

AU-FB Dean Dr. Deborah Hurst and her team are pioneering this first-of-its-kind experience. To date, there are no other universities offering something like this.

Traditional cooperative learning means learners get credit for relevant full-time work experience for a set period of time and are graded on completion. For an online university like AU-FB, this poses a challenge for our learners.

“Students come to AU-FB because we offer flexible, open educational options to them. The majority of our learners are already in the workplace; they’re located all over the world and are taking our programs to supplement their background knowledge. They’re coming in at any time and at any place, so we needed to come up with a cooperative learning experience that could fit into our individualized, open, flexible format.”

– Dr. Deborah Hurst, Dean, Faculty of Business

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