Our online graduate management programs are designed, developed, and delivered using a robust and dynamic learning environment, which can be accessed via a web browser or through installing our learning environment platform on your computer.

All Faculty of Business graduate students are required to install the learning environment platform on at least one computer. This allows AU to provide the high level of interactivity for which our school is known while also allowing students to work on or offline, and maintain a lasting archive of all course work and discussions.

To run our learning environment platform, you will require one of the following operating systems:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10OSX 10.8 or higher
2 GB free hard drive space2 GB free hard drive space
Administrative accessAdministrative access

and the following peripherals and software:

High speed Internet access (cable, DSL, cellular, or satellit) capable of downloading a 500 MB file
MS Office 2010 or newer (2010 or newer for Mac) including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Security software for protection against viruses and spyware
Printer, DVD-ROM, sound card and speakers

NOTE: should the system requirements change while you are in the program, you may need to upgrade.


You can access and interact with most course elements, readings, multimedia, calendaring, email and all discussions though tablets and smartphones. A tablet for online readings is very helpful.

Any device, any time, any where


AU Apple on Campus program! Special educational pricing is available for AU Faculty of Business students on many Apple products, with 2% of all sales going into an AU Faculty of Business student bursary.

Visit the AU Apple online store »

Windows and Mac Support

Athabasca University’s graduate business programs have been designed to provide a robust and interactive learning environment. The Faculty of Business technical team strives to provide outstanding support for this environment.  AU does not provide support for computer problems that should be directed to your computer manufacturer.

Purchasing MS Office

MS Office for Windows or Mac platforms can be purchased at many retailers, or directly from Microsoft’s website.

Students can access the online Microsoft Store to purchase some Microsoft products at a student discount rate. To purchase software or obtain further information, please click here. Please note that to purchase software at a discounted rate, you will need to register for a Microsoft account. If you do not already have a Microsoft account you may need to provide additional documentation as proof of enrolment.

Athabasca University provides this information to you as a benefit, and is not able to provide further information on this offer or provide support with the purchase and/or install of the software.

Security Software

In order to maintain safe functioning of your computer while participating in the program, you should have security software on your system to protect from and repair virus, spyware, and malware damage to your computer. Security software can be purchased from many retailers or online.

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are available to enroled students. Click here for more information on obtaining a student ID card (you will need your student ID number).