Certified Hockey Professional – Professional Education Program (CHP-PrEP)

The Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) was launched in early 2015 with the goal of improving the economic viability of professional and amateur hockey through education, research, consulting, and advocacy. As part of its educational mandate, BHI created the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation.

The CHP was created with four inter-related objectives in mind:

  1. Identify and recognize the executives and managers whose efforts make it possible for others to play and watch the most exciting sport on the planet.
  2. Encourage talented executives and managers to pursue a career in the hockey business.
  3. Create a pool of draft-ready managerial talent to staff hockey-related organizations.
  4. Improve the economic viability of professional and amateur hockey

The CHP is only awarded to individuals who are members in good standing of BHI. In order to qualify, members must:

  • Provide reference letters affirming that they possess the professional demeanour and moral character expected of CHPs
  • Complete a business or management degree at a recognized postsecondary institution
  • Complete the CHP Professional Education Program (CHP-PrEP) through BHI’s academic partner, Athabasca University.
  • Accumulate a minimum of three years of managerial experience within hockey-related organizations

Those who hold the CHP are required to demonstrate on an annual basis that they are maintaining their professional currency through continuing education and attendance at industry events.

CHP Professional Education Program (CHP-PrEP)

The CHP-PrEP consists of six, senior MBA level courses that focus on business-related aspects of hockey. These courses were developed with input from executives representing both professional and amateur hockey (e.g., NHL, AHL, WHL, Hockey Canada) and all functional areas of the hockey business (e.g., marketing, finance, operations).

Prior to beginning your CHP-PrEP courses, you are required to take a one week orientation to ensure you are prepared for the online learning environment and set-up for success.

The six courses that comprise the CHP-PrEP are as follows:

All six courses must be completed within three years of the date the first course was commenced.

CHP Course Schedule

Courses begin each August and are intended to be completed one at a time over approximately 14 months.

CHP Pathway

If necessary, complete a business or management degree

Members who have not yet completed a business or management degree should register at a recognized institution and then complete their degree. Members are encouraged to inquire with BHI if they have any doubts as to whether their chosen institution is recognized by BHI. Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business is the preferred partner.

Complete the CHP-PrEP

Complete the six CHP-PrEP courses offered by Athabasca University. All applications to enrol in the CHP-PrEP are assessed by the Business of Hockey Institute (BHI). This is a competitive process with limited spots available in each annual cohort. Applicants to the CHP-PrEP follow the same requirements and processes as students applying to the Athabasca online MBA. 

If necessary, accumulate hockey-related managerial experience

The CHP requires three years of experience working in a managerial capacity within hockey-related organizations. Ideally, members should be working within hockey-related organizations while completing the CHP-PrEP. However, in cases where members are using the CHP-PrEP to transition into the hockey business, BHI will do its best to assist in finding hockey-related employment.

Apply for the CHP designation

Once the CHP requirements have been met, members are encouraged to apply for the CHP designation. A panel appointed by BHI’s board of directors will review the applications and will either award the designation or notify the applicant of any additional requirements. Those who are successful may use the CHP designation as they see fit so long as they remain members in good standing of BHI.

You can apply to the CHP-PrEP if you have: 

A business degree from an accredited university plus at least THREE years of management experience.*

*Managerial experience: experience managing people, projects, and/or budgets.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees include textbooks and our learning environment software, but do not include Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint are required), Internet charges, GST, and some travel and accommodation costs associated with the in-residence elective.

Once admitted to the CHP-PrEP, students are eligible for BHI’s Top Prospects Scholarship valued at between $15,000 and $25,000.

Application & Admission
AU Application fee*$200.00due with your application
BHI Application fee*$800.00due with your application
BHI Admission fee*$4,200.00due upon acceptance
Certified Hockey Professional courses
Five CHP online courses$34,155.00$6,831.00 each, payable upon registration
One CHP in-residence course$9,900.00payable upon registration

All fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change.

*Application fees, Admission fees, and international student program surcharge are non-refundable.