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Athabasca University online MBA for executives students are experienced managers with interesting and diverse backgrounds across many different industries, sectors, countries, cultures, and geographic locations. This diversity of opinion and life experience adds depth to the program’s curriculum, and helps students understand how theories can be applied in a variety of contexts.


Asynchronous learning means you are never required to be online at a certain date and time. We have students and academics across Canada and around the world engaged in online learning and teaching 24 hours a day.


Whether you are in Vancouver or New York, at home, at the arena, or mid-flight, you can engage with other and never worry about missing a lecture. Our robust learning environment allows you to work on or offline, so you can draft your work remotely and upload once you can connect to the Internet again.

You control when and where

You are expected to contribute 20 to 25 hours to your studies over roughly five to six days per week, but when and where are completely up to you: early mornings, over your lunch hour – what works for you works for us.

Completion Time

Core courses are completed in a predetermined sequence, and are each eight weeks long. The online program can be completed in two and a half to three years; you have a maximum of five years to complete all requirements.


Too much flexibility can be as challenging as not enough. AU’s online courses have set start and end dates, and include a work plan with assignment deadlines and requirements for group work and collaboration within each course to keep you on track.

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MBA & CHP Application Deadlines: 

October 25, 2019 for January 2020 start

March 15, 2020 for May 2020 start

June 15, 2020 for August 2020 start