The AU online MBA for executives program integrates theory and practice by focusing on real business problems, building on the knowledge and expertise of both teachers and learners. The accelerated route to the online MBA for executives assumes previous formal education and experience in management fundamentals, and allows you to choose advanced courses in the management areas you wish to develop further. All online MBA courses require you to connect your learning with your experience in your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar.


There are three student intakes per year for the AU online MBA for executives program: Winter, Spring, and Fall. Each applicant is assigned a Graduate Enrolment Advisor who becomes their main administrative contact throughout the application process as well as throughout the online MBA program once they become students.

How Online MBA Courses Work

All online MBA courses are paced, meaning there are scheduled start and end dates, and assignment deadlines within each course. Students in each intake progress through the program’s core online courses as a cohort. Online courses are also asynchronous—meaning you are never required to be online at a particular time.

Plan to spend 20 – 25 hours per week on your studies.

All online MBA courses (core and elective) are eight weeks long and three credits (with the exception of some six-credit, ten week in-residence electives). The applied project is nine credits, to be completed within a five month period. The accelerated route to the online MBA for executives is 30 credits total.

Program Completion Time

Usual online MBA for executives program completion time is approximately 19 months. The program must be completed within four years.

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Online MBA Application Deadlines: 

March 15 for May start

June 15 for August start

October 15 for January start

Structure and Schedules

Core Courses

Core courses help students build on their foundation knowledge to take a holistic, organizational view of the senior management function and develop an ethical framework for their leadership decisions.

Electives / Applied Project

Students customize the remainder of their program through completion of 24 elective credits, either in the form of eight elective courses, or five elective courses plus an applied project (for a total of 30 credits).

Some in residence electives are six credits and may be taken in lieu of two, three credit electives. These intensive courses are 10 weeks long and have a very heavy work load.

At least one elective must be taken in residence. In residence electives are blended electives that generally combine 7 or 9 weeks of online study with a 5 to 7 day face to face portion held in locations across Canada and internationally.



Core CoursesStart DateEnd Date
August 2018
MBA OrientationAug 13, 2018Aug 17, 2018
Making Strategic ChoicesAug 20, 2018Oct 14, 2018
Ethical Decision MakingOct 22, 2018Dec 16, 2018
January 2019
MBA OrientationJan 7, 2019Jan. 11 2019
Making Strategic ChoicesJan 14, 2019Mar. 10 2019
Ethical Decision MakingMar 18, 2019May 12 2019
May 2019
MBA OrientationMay 27, 2019May 31, 2019
Making Strategic ChoicesJun 3, 2019Jul 28, 2019
Ethical Decision MakingOct 21, 2019Dec 15, 2019
August 2019
MBA OrientationAug 12, 2019Aug 16, 2019
Making Strategic ChoicesAug 19, 2019Oct 13, 2019
Ethical Decision MakingOct 21, 2019Dec 15, 2019
2018 Elective CoursesStart / End DatesCRIn-Residence
Managing Diversity for Competitive Advantage Jan 8 - Mar 43None
Management of Non-profit OrganizationsJan 8 - Mar 43None
Business Law Jan 8 - Mar 43None
Supply Chain ManagementFeb 5 - Apr 186Mar 5 - Mar 9, Edmonton, AB
Advanced Project ManagementFeb 12 - Apr 83Mar 5 - Mar 9, Toronto, ON
Visionary and Entrepreneurial ThinkingFeb 19 - Apr 153Mar 12 - 16, Waterloo, ON (TBC)
Energy Industries and Markets: Canada and Beyond
Mar 5 - Apr 293None
Knowledge, Learning, Innovation and PerformanceMar 5 - Apr 293None
Strategic LeadershipMar 5 - Apr 293None
Technology & Innovation Management StrategyMay 28 - Jul 223None
Information Risk Management and SecurityMay 28 - Jul 223None
Making Sense of Organizational Change
May 28 - Jul 223None
Developing LeadersJul 2 - Aug 263Jul 23 - 27, Halifax, NS
International Business: Understanding and Managing Legal RisksJul 2 - Sep 96Aug 20 - 24, Washington, DC
Macroeconomics and Global Economic TrendsAug 13 - Oct 73None
Managing Diversity for Competitive AdvantageAug 13 - Oct 73None
Global Marketing ManagementAug 13 - Oct 73None
Essentials of Project ManagementAug 13 - Oct 73None
Negotiation and Conflict ManagementSep 17 - Nov 11
3Oct 15 - 19, Edmonton, Alberta
Corporate Governance and AccountabilitySep 17 - Nov 256Oct 15 - 19, Edmonton, AB
New Venture Development
Oct 22 - Dec 163None
Services ManagementOct 22 - Dec 163None
Implementing Strategy Through Management EvaluationOct 22 - Dec 163None
Project Management Governance Oct 22 - Dec 163None
2019 Elective CoursesStart / End DatesCRIn-Residence
Management of Non-profit Organizations (EMNO-693)Jan 7 - Mar 33None
Business Law (EBSL-631) Jan 7 - Mar 33None
Strategic Leadership (ESLS-669)Jan 7 - Mar 33None
Advanced Project Management (RAPM-650)Feb 11 - Apr 73Mar 4 - Mar 8, Edmonton, AB
Supply Chain Management (RSCM-689)Feb 11 - Apr 216Mar 11 - Mar 15, Toronto, ON
Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking (RVET-651)Feb 18 - Apr 143Mar 11 - 15, Vancouver, BC
Energy Industries and Markets: Canada and Beyond (EEIM-665)
Mar 4 - Apr 283None
Knowledge, Learning, Innovation and Performance (EKLI-682)Mar 4 - Apr 283None
Business Law (EBSL-631) Mar 11 - May 53None
Financial Markets, Risk Management and the Regulatory Environment (EMRR-699)Mar 11 - May 196None
Technology & Innovation Management Strategy (ETIM-686)May 27 - July 213None
Information Risk Management and Security (ERMS-690)May 27 - July 213None
International Finance, Investment and Capital Flow (EFIC-698)May 27 - July 213None
Making Sense of Organizational Change (EOCH-664)
May 27 - July 213None
Developing Leaders (RDLD-680)Jul 1 - Aug 253Jul 22 - 26, Calgary, AB
International Business: Understanding and Managing Legal Risks (RIBL-687)Jul 1 - Sep 86Aug 19 - 23, Washington, DC
Macroeconomics and Global Economic Trends (EMGT-692)Aug 12 - Oct 63None
Business Transformation in a Digital World (ETDW-603)Aug 12 - Oct 63None
Managing Diversity for Competitive Advantage (EMDC-644) Aug 12 - Oct 63None
Global Marketing Management (EGMK-655)Aug 12 - Oct 63None
Essentials of Project Management (EEPM-675)Aug 12 - Oct 63None
Corporate Governance and Accountability (RCGA-688)Sep 2 - Nov 106Sep 30 - Oct 4, Toronto, ON
Doing Business in Asia-Pacific Region: SingaporeSep 2 - Nov 106Oct 20 - 27, TBC
Negotiation and Conflict Management (RNCM-656)Sep 9 - Nov 33Oct 7 - 11, Toronto, ON
New Venture Development (ENVD-612)
Oct 21 - Dec 153None
Services Management (ESMT-614)Oct 21 - Dec 153None
Project Management Governance (EPMG-681)Oct 21 - Dec 153None
Implementing Strategy Through Management Evaluation (EISM-622)Oct 21 - Dec 153None