Below are answers to the questions we most commonly receive about applying for the accelerated admission route to the Online MBA for executives.

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If my degree is older than 10 years, will you also consider the amount of experience I have received over the years in conjunction with my degree to qualify?

No. The accelerated program recognizes previous academic preparation so, while managerial experience is required to meet our entrance requirements to the MBA program, it will not compensate for any lack of required qualifications to the accelerated admission route.

Will I get the same degree as students who are not in this admission route?

Yes, both lead to an MBA. The only difference will be the number of credits that show on your transcript.

I have taken courses at more than one Post Secondary institution, will I need to send transcripts from each or just my degree granting instutution?

You must have all Post Secondary transcripts sent to us from all of the institutions your attended, not just the last one.

If I have a business degree, does it matter which courses I have completed?

The review committee will evaluate your undergraduate courses to make sure the appropriate foundational business areas are covered. In general, these areas include: human resource management, accounting, finance, macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics, management information systems, marketing, organizational behaviour, organizational theory/analysis, and operations management. Strategy and ethics are not in the list as they are covered in the accelerated program.

If you are missing one or two core areas, you may still be considered for the program at the discretion of the admission committee, subject to taking additional courses.

My undergraduate degree is not a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, or Bachelor of Management but I believe it is a business undergraduate (bachelor) degree. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply if you feel that your undergraduate (bachelor level) degree is a business degree, even though its name is not the same as a traditional business degree. The admission committee will consider all the courses taken in the degree to determine if the degree is a business degree in substance comparable to other traditional business degrees. In general, to be recognized as a business degree, we expect the majority of courses taken to be in business and related areas. (Please see also the question above on “If I have a business degree, does it matter which courses I have completed?”)

My undergraduate degree was a three year program but I believe that the foundational academic material was covered. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. We will evaluate your undergraduate courses to make sure that you have covered the appropriate foundational academic material (see “If I have a business degree, does it matter which courses I have completed?” above).

The school at which I took my undergraduate degree does not use a 4.0 scale for GPAs. How do I know if I have met the minimum GPA requirement for the program?

Refer to AU’s Undergraduate Grading Policy:

A 3.0 GPA is equivalent to a B average or 73%.

How long do I have to complete my MBA when going the accelerated admission route?

You will have a maximum of 4 years.

Will you accept international business degrees?

Yes, if:

  • you have your transcripts assessed by one of our acceptable assessment services and your degree is deemed equivalent to a similar degree in Canada.

(See the ‘Transcripts’ tab under Admissions for details).

Will I be considered for the regular online MBA for executives program if my application for the accelerated program is unsuccessful?

Yes, you will automatically be considered for the regular online MBA for executives program admission route if you do not meet the more specific accelerated program requirements.

I received my degree within the last ten years but I have some courses transferred in from a prior program taken much earlier. Does it matter?

The reason we would like to have a degree obtained within the last ten years is to ensure the business contents of the program are not outdated. If an applicant’s business program took much longer than that of a regular situation, or the program involved transferred in credits for courses taken a long time ago, the admission committee will consider the situation individually and may require the taking of additional courses for those subject areas that were taken long ago.

The GPA on my business program transcript is higher than 3.0 but it doesn't include the grades for transferred in courses. Do the transferred in grades count?

The GPA calculations are based on the last 60 credits taken, if transferred credits were involved in obtaining the last 60 credits of the business degree, the course grades involved for those credits will be considered in the GPA calculations.