In today’s increasingly complex and global workplace, leaders have a more challenging role than ever before. They guide, transform, and inspire to engage and achieve great things through their employees. Leaders are found at all levels within an organization. Leadership can be cultivated, nurtured, and expressed by mastering a set of practices that enhance leadership and management skills, and competencies. Athabasca University’s (AU) online Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management (GDLM) targets leadership and management skill development.

Online Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management requirements

Online GDLM courses provide graduate level professional development opportunities designed for managers and professionals with significant work experience who are poised for advancement.

The online GDLM is made up of 15 online four-week courses worth one graduate credit each and one 12 week capstone course worth three graduate credits. All 16 courses with 18 credits total must be completed in order to earn the Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Students should be prepared to spend eight to twelve hours per week on their studies.

The program must be completed in a maximum of five years. However, you must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses per year. Online courses can be taken in any order to meet the needs of your career advancement. The capstone course should be taken as the last course in the program.


A $200 fee will be assessed when you apply to the GDLM. Courses are $1108 each which includes all materials and Graduate Student Association fees of $13 per credit. The twelve week, three-credit capstone course is $3324.

AU alumni (degree holders only) will receive a 20% reduction.

What will you learn?

You will:

  • develop a greater awareness of different leadership styles and preferences
  • participate in diagnostic tools for self-evaluation that help to identify leadership blind spots and developmental opportunities
  • explore and understand one’s own current leadership strengths and areas of challenge
  • challenge their own leadership assumptions and develop new leadership skills and insights
  • develop a greater awareness of why organizations change and the roles of leaders and managers within the process
  • practice essential elements of coaching skills and coaching process with colleagues
  • use a best practices model to plan for a change
  • demonstrate increased awareness in and sensitivity to cross-cultural issues in negotiations

Transfer credit available

Not sure where to start? All of our online Leadership and Management Development courses are transferable into the GDLM so you can start in any of our concentration areas; Leadership, Manufacturing Management, or Supply Chain Management. If you have taken the same course from another accredited university, you may request a transfer of the course into the Athabasca University online GDLM*.

*A transfer evaluation fee of $276.00 will be charged.