Course Overview

The course is divided into a series of lessons that start with a self-review of strategic leadership potential and an overview of the domain of strategic leadership. We explore the tasks, skills and strategic competencies that enable a strategic leader to guide an organization while navigating the tensions involved in positioning the organization to meet short term needs and the long-term vision. Activities in the course include a series of readings, podcasts, group discussions, and two individual assignments (papers).

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Assess your leadership potential by identifying your strengths, values, and style and what additional skills you require;
  • Define leadership, identify leadership styles, discuss different theories of leadership, and describe basic techniques and issues in leadership;
  • Explain the roles of leader and follower in the team context, describe methods of team leadership, and analyze specific techniques and issues in team leadership;
  • Identify and discuss issues in leadership at the organizational level;
  • Examine your organization and its leadership from a strategic perspective;
  • Describe how you will apply leadership concepts and techniques in your situation.

Course Outline

Week 1:  What Is Strategic Leadership?
Week 2:  The Aspirational Tasks of a Strategic Leader
Week 3:  The Skills and Styles of a Strategic Leader
Week 4:  Key Processes Involved in Strategic Leadership
Week 5:  The Uses of Power
Week 6:  Leading Teams and Leaders of Teams
Week 7:  Leadership Challenges
Week 8:  Making Sense and Sustaining Learning

Student Evaluation

Your grades will be based on completion of two papers and participation in the Discussion application.