Course Manager

Course Overview

Traditional diversity practices may have served to increase the representation of diverse groups in organizations. However, there is evidence these practices have failed to tackle the day-to-day behaviours that create exclusion and prevent employees from bringing their full selves to the workplace.

In this course, we explore how to gain competitive advantage by leveraging both the visible and invisible differences of employees through the multicultural inclusive organization.

Course Objectives

  • Explore the concepts of diversity and inclusion, and the evolution of diversity practices over time.
  • Discuss the various arguments for supporting diversity in the workplace and develop the case for diversity in your own organization.
  • Develop a greater awareness of the role of gender in the workplace, including gender discrimination and stereotypes.
  • Examine tokenism theory and the impact of tokenism and exclusion in the workplace.
  • Understand the barriers to diversity and inclusion.
  • Review Organizational Development (OD) and traditional approaches to organizational change.
  • Identify inclusive employee policies and practices.
  • Learn about inclusive leadership, the conscious and unconscious biases that affect the decisions we make and how to overcome these biases, and the strategies for assisting leaders through the process of creating an inclusive organization.