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Course Overview

NOTE:  This course replaces the former Phase One course, Analytical Tools.

This course provides a rigorous introduction to an economic way of thinking that will enhance students’ ability to analyze business situations and strengthen their critical decision-making skills. It is designed to provide a rich set of tools and techniques students can readily apply to a wide range of strategic business situations at work, as well as a solid foundation in microeconomic analysis that they can build on throughout the rest of the MBA program.

Managerial Economics and Quantitative Analysis starts by introducing basic microeconomic concepts, and then gradually develops a set of powerful analytical tools that can be used to understand and predict how consumers and firms behave in different market structures and strategic situations, and over different time frames.

Course Objectives

  • Introduce some economics principles and applications that are crucial to managerial decision making
  • Enhance critical thinking ability by considering the aspects of cost and benefit
  • Develop a sound analytical and logical approach
  • Develop an understanding of how different market structures work and how a company’s strategic decisions could depend on the particular market structure in which it operates
  • Discuss and analyze a wide range of stylized business situations and real-world problems
  • Develop some of the skills in demand for a successful career in business strategy