Course Manager


Course Overview

This online elective is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of a number of key management concepts as they are applied in the context of non-profit organizations—a unique area for the professional practice of leadership and management.

This course provides a perspective of non-profit structures, regulations, management, and leadership—including challenges and sources of failure—not found elsewhere in the AU MBA curriculum. Students will become familiar with non-profit management topics, including the current issues and trends for professionals in this sector, and will compare and contrast how similar management concepts are applied in non-profit and for-profit settings. Students will also learn to analyze and assess best practices in non-profit management, and to appreciate current controversies and areas of debate.

Course Objectives

By the end ofthis course, students should be able to:

  • analyze, compare, and contrast definitions, contexts, rationales, and drivers for non-profit management approaches
  • evaluate non-profit management in comparison to external accountability frameworks and developing legal and regulatory systems
  • critically evaluate methods for successful non-profit management and oversight
  • identify sources of failure.

Course Outline

  • Non-profit management: what is it?
  • The legal context
  • Human resources and leadership
  • Managing relationships: community and government
  • Strategy and success in non-profits
  • Managing expectations and accountability
  • Non-profit finance and funding
  • Issues in non-profit management and organizational failure

Student Evaluation

Your grade will be based on the successful completion of three individual assignments and on your participation in moderated group discussions.