Course Manager

Course Overview

Finding creative solutions to problems in the workplace is no longer an option, Creative solutions drive growth.  Anytime you ask:  “How might we improve this situation?” you are about to engage in creative problem-solving. This course will give you the tools to be more inspired in the ways you lead yourself and others. It will present you with many techniques you can use that are immediately applicable to your personal and organizational life. The focus will be to understand the nature of creativity, the phases that you will encounter when you approach a problem in a creative way, the skills you can master and the methodologies you might use to implement those ideas that have merit.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • recall why learning how to lead for creative outcomes is imperative in organizations today
  • identify the conditions that can enhance the creativity and the generation of ideas
  • experience the keystone skill involved in creative thinking
  • apply four additional cognitive discovery skills that are essential to leading creativity and innovation
  • practice integrative thinking as a methodology to reframe an either/or dilemma into a win/win solution
  • implement innovative idea-generating strategies that can help you guide the creativity of others
  • critique the merits of design thinking where it has been used to generate, select, test and implement creative ideas

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1:  The Nature of Creativity and Innovation
  • Lesson 2:  The Process of Creative Discovery
  • Lesson 3:  Discovery Skills
  • Lesson 4:  Innovation and Design Thinking

Student Evaluation

Students will be evaluated on their participation in weekly online discussions (50%) plus an assignment submitted on a weekly basis that is an opportunity to implement the week’s lessons.  This four-part assignment is worth 50% of the student’s mark.  Students must receive a cumulative mark (participation plus weekly assignments) of at least 60% to pass the course.

This four-week course is worth 1 credit of graduate-level study.