Kay Devine, PhD
  • Title: Program Director, Doctorate of Business Administration; Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Analysis
  • Phone: 250-380-2508
  • Email: kay.devine@fb.athabascau.ca

Kay Devine joined the Centre for Innovative Management in the Faculty of Business in July, 2006.  Her past academic experience included 18 years of teaching and conducting research at the University of Alberta School of Business, including taking on the role of Associate Dean, MBA Programs from 1997 – 2000.  Since joining AU, she has been appointed as Director of the Doctorate of Business Administration Program and full professor in her department.  Her current research interests include investigating the use of facades in the workplace, doctoral student well-being, and doctoral student supervision.

Prior to the University of Alberta and Athabasca University, Kay spent four years at the University of Washington’s Department of Management and Organization, where she received her PhD in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations.  She also has a Master of Education in College Student Personnel Administration from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science/Psychology from Oregon State University.

In 1995, Kay received the Labatt’s Faculty of Business Teaching Award at the University of Alberta, as well as the Ascendant Scholar Award from the Western Academy of Management.  In 2004, she was chosen to receive the President’s Award from the Western Academy of Management.  She has served as Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Perspectives, and as a reviewer for numerous academic journals.

In addition to her academic experience, Kay brings a number of years of work experience, including serving as a fund-raiser and camp director for the Easter Seal Society of Oregon, residence hall director at Colorado State University, assistant director of residential life at the University of Puget Sound, and recruitment/HRM assistant for KING-TV in Seattle, Washington.  These experiences have provided her with an appreciation for management in non-profit, public, and private organizations.

BSc – Political Science/Psychology, Oregon State University, 1977

MEd – College Student Personnel Administration, Colorado State University, 1982

PhD – Business, University of Washington, 1988

Edited Books

  • Grenier, J., Devine, K., & Frost, A.C.  (Eds.) (2006) Work and Workplace Issues in the 21st Century. Concord, ON: Captus press.

Selected Publications

  • Prue, D. & Devine, K.  (2012) Ismorphism and organizational culture: A Frist Nation’s housing initiative.  AlterNative, 8 (3): 253-263.
  • Stackman, R. & Devine, K.  (2011) Leadership, and emotional-rational coherence:  A start?  Editor’s Introduction.  Academy of Management Perspectives.
  • Redpath, L., Hurst, D. & Devine, K. (2009) Knowledge workers,managers and contingent employment relationships.  Personnel Review, 38 (1): 74 – 89.
  • Redpath, L., Hurst, D. & Devine, K. (2007) Contingent Knowledge Worker Challenges  Human Resource Planning, 33: 33 – 38 .
  • Stormer, F. & Devine, K.  (2007)  Acting at work: Facades of conformity in academia.  Journal of Management Inquiry, 17: 112 – 134.
  • Devine, K. & Foster, W. (2006) “Off-the-Ice Action in the National Hockey League: An Interview With Scott Howson of the Edmonton Oilers,”  Journal of Management Inquiry, vol. 15, No. 3: 288 – 298.
  • Devine, K. & Law, M.  (forthcoming)  Business Best Seller Books: Caveat Emptor or Salva Veritae? Academy of Management Perspectives.
  • Williams, K. & Devine, K. (2005)  If It’s Lagom, It Must Be Sweden.  Leadership in Action, 25 (3): 19 – 20.
  • Devine, K.,  Reay, T., Stainton, L., Collins-Nakai, R. (2003) Downsizing Outcomes:  Better a Victim Than a Survivor?  Human Resource Management, 42: 109 – 119.
  • Giuffre, M., Devine, K., and Collins-Nakai, R.  (2002) Physician Attitudes: Post-Restructuring Survey Results in Alberta.  The Annals of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  35 : 606 – 610.
  • Lam, H. and Devine, K. (2001) Reasonable Notice for Wrongful Dismissal: Court versus Human Resource Decisions, Relations Industrielles, 56 : 365 – 393.
  • Devine, K. and  Reshef, Y.  (1998) Union Merger Support: A Tale of Two Theories.  Relations Industrielles, 53: 517 – 534.
  • Devine, K. and Greenwood, R.  (1997) Inside Aston.  Journal of Management Inquiry, 6 200 – 208.
  • Devine, K. and Trayner, P.  (1996)  Labour-Management Alliances: The Case of Alberta Power Limited.Human Resource Planning, 19: 14-25
  • Stratton-Devine, K. and Reshef, Y. (1996) Union Planning: A Framework and Research Agenda.Relations Industrielles,  51 (1996):506-522

Other Publications

  • Osland, J., Devine, K. & Turner,M. (2012) Organizational Behavior.  Wiley Encyclopedia of Management, 3rd Ed.  West Sussex, UK: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Devine, K. Clarke, C. & Lipinski, N.  (2010) Online Leadership Training for Law Enforcement.  International Review of Police Training, 1 (1).
  • Devine, K.Law, M. & Annett, M. (2007) Book Review: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.  Academy of Management Perspectives, 27, (1): 95 – 97.
  • WIlliams, K. & Devine, K. (2005) If it’s Lagom, This Must be Sweden,  Leadership in Action, vol. 25, no. 3.





Research Interests
Kay has numerous research interests, including analyzing HRM and union strategy, organizational restructuring, job satisfaction, and labour-management relations.  Her current research focuses on doctoral student supervision, and on how student well-being can be enhanced.

Working Papers

2010       “Online Leadership Training for Law Enforcement,”  Western Academy of Management.


2010       “Collective Bargaining in Higher Education: The Role of the Student,”  Canadian Industrial Relations



2009       “Panel Member: 50 at 50”  Western Academy of Management.


2008       “Power Play: A Dramaturgical Perspective” Western Academy of Management


2008       ‘Effective Leadership and Collaboration in Distributed Work Environments,” Western Academy of Management.


2007       “Peak Performance: Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It,”  Western Academy of Management.


2006       “Knowledge Workers and Contingent Employment: Managing Careers” Western Academy of



2005       “Caveat Emptor:  Management Best Sellers as a Source of Information”  Western Academy of

                Management Annual Meeting. (with Margaret Law)


2004       “Strategic Planning in the BCNU”  Canadian Industrial Relations Association


1999       “The Effects of Downsizing on Health Employees”  Industrial Relations Research Association Annual



1997       “A Longitudinal Examination of Teleworking”  Industrial Relations Research Association Annual Meeting


1995       “Surveying Unions: Lessons from Studies of Union Strategy and Planning” Industrial Relation Research

                Association Annual Meeting


1993       “Union-Management Relations: Dinosaur Teaching vs. Innovative Practice”  Administrative Sciences

                Association of Canada Annual Conference (symposium)


1993       “Union-Management Relations: An Innovative Human Resource strategy in Process” (with P. Trayner, VP,

                HR, Alberta Power Ltd.), The Human Resource Planning Society Research Symposium, 1993


1992       “Unions and Strategic Human Resource Planning” Industrial Relations Research Association Annual

                Meeting (symposium)


1992       “Employee Health Management: Potential Contributions to the HRM Factor” (with R. Wolfe and

                D. Parker), Western Academy of Management


1991       “The Propensity of Union Mergers and Affiliations,” Western Academy of Management


1990       “Union Merger Benefits: An Empirical Analysis,” Academy of Management Annual Meeting


1990       “Union Long-term Planning: Preliminary Findings” (with Y. Reshef), Canadian Industrial Relations



1989       “Interorganizational Relationships Among U.S. Labor Unions: Mergers and Affiliations,” 42nd Annual

                Meeting of the Industrial Relations Research Association, (Dissertations Session)



1989       “Union Adaptations: A Study of Interorganizational Relationships,” 42nd Annual Meeting of the Industrial

                Relations Research Association, (Poster Session)


1989       “Private Sector Unions and Strategic Planning: A Research Agenda,” Canadian Industrial Relations

                Association Meetings


1988       “Strategic Planning in U.S. Labor Unions,” 41st Annual Meeting of the Industrial Relations Research

                Association, (Contributed Papers)


1988       “Labor-Management Strategies: Which Road to Choose,” Western Academy of Management


1987       “Management and Union Tactics and their Impact on Certification Election Outcomes,”

                (with R.B. Peterson), 40th Annual Meeting of the Industrial Relations research Association, (Poster Session)


1987       “The Impact of a Merger on Human Resource Issues in Two Banks,” (with Nancy Napier), Human

                Resource Planning Research Symposium


1987       “An Appeal for an Appeal Procedure: The Necessity of an Organizational Grievance Procedure,”

                Western Academy of Management


1986       “Union Mergers: A Conceptual Framework,” (with Nancy Napier), Western Academy of Manage

Scholarly Activities

  • Developed and taught courses in General Management and Human Resource Management at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and executive levels
  • Developed and taught courses in doing advanced research at the doctoral level
  • Past Associate Editor, Academy of Management Perspectives
  • Reviewer for numerous academic journals
  • Past Treasurer, Western Academy of Management
  • Past Representative, Canadian Industrial Relations Association

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • Western Academy of Management

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