Joyce Fortune, PhD
  • PhD, Production Engineering and Production Management, Nottingham University
  • BSc, Loughborough University of Technology
  • Johnson, J., Fortune, J. and Bromley, J. (2016) ‘Systems, networks and policy’, in, Johnson, J., Nowak, A.,  Ormerod, P., Rosewell, B. and Zhang, Y-C, (Eds), Non-Equilibrium Social Science, Springer (Berlin) (in press).
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  • Savory, C. and Fortune, J. (2014) ‘An emergent sectoral innovation system for healthcare services’, International Journal of Public Sector Management, 27.6, 512-529.
  • Savory, C. and Fortune, J. (2013) NHS Adoption of NHS-developed Technologies, NHS National Institute for Health Research.
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  • Emeritus Professor of Technology Management, The Open University, UK

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