Fathi Elloumi, PhD

PhD –  Université de Québec à Montréal (Joint Doctoral program: UQAM, HEC, Concordia and McGill) – Canada (2000)
M.Sc. – Université de Sherbrooke – Canada (1994)
MMA – Institute Superieur de Gestion – Tunisia (1991)
BA – Institute Superieur de Gestion – Tunisia  (1989)

My research is focused on corporate governance, covering all aspects of effective governance practices. Also, I’m strongly interested in contributing to the strategic and managerial aspects of e-learning research from two perspectives.  The first perspective deals with the strategic decisions of e-learning, trying to use variations of the balanced scorecard and the Performance Dashboard frameworks to help optimize e-learning decisions initiatives and tie them to organizational vision. The second perspective deals with the operational aspects of e-learning and mainly focuses on the internal process and the value chain. Subjects such as strategic costing, process re-engineering, activity-based management, continuous improvement, value engineering, and quality control are the focus of my research program related to e-learning.

My work at Athabasca University has given me experience in teaching, course revision and development, and research, including obtaining and effectively using research funding. Athabasca University offers an interesting and respectful work environment and is helping me to invest and excel in my main interests: scientific research and teaching.

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