Dale Bent, PhD

Information and Knowledge Management
My main professional interest is the management of information and knowledge.  My first experience of computers was in 1958, when I taught myself to program the first computer at the University of Alberta, and I’ve been hanging on for dear life ever since.  I’ve been a computer programmer, systems analyst, computer salesperson and technical representative, information systems manager, chief information officer, and information systems consultant. Most recently, I’ve focused my learning on Knowledge Management, as I’m interested in the processes and purposes that underlie effective information systems.  In 2001-2 I was the founding Director for a new Master of Information Management degree at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Statistics and Data Analysis
I received my first graduate degree in Statistics, and I have been an active user of statistical methods and data analysis for work and research for many years. While at Stanford, I co-invented the popular statistical platform SPSS: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. I’ve taught statistics

  • PhD (Operations Research), Stanford University
  • MSc (Statistics), University of Alberta
  • BSc (Mathematics), University of Alberta

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