Angela Workman-Stark is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, and the Director of Leadership and Management Development programs in the Faculty of Business. She is also a former Chief Superintendent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

For much of the latter part of her RCMP career, Angela held significant leadership roles overseeing various transformation efforts focused on enhancing organizational effectiveness and governance, workplace culture, and leadership. Her most high-profile and meaningful role involved overseeing RCMP efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and was the catalyst for her transition to an academic career.

Angela has developed and delivered numerous undergraduate and graduate courses (at AU and previously with Carleton University),  including courses in leadership, organizational change, knowledge management, women in management, and diversity and inclusion.

In addition to her academic role, Angela consults extensively with organizations across Canada and internationally. She also researches, speaks, and writes about inclusive leadership and creating inclusive workplaces. She has delivered numerous national and international conference presentations, keynotes, and workshops on leadership and cultural change, and is the author of the book, Inclusive Policing from the Inside Out.  

In 2017, Angela was recognized with a Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership award at the World Human Resources Development Congress in Mumbai, India.


  • PhD, Walden University (specialization in leadership and management)
  • MBA, Athabasca University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, St. Mary’s University

Select publications: 


Workman-Stark, A. (2017). Inclusive Policing from the Inside Out. Springer Publishing International.

Book Chapters

Workman-Stark, A. (2018).  Putting skills into action: Creating the inclusive workplace. In, Every officer is a leader, 3rd ed. (403-413). Editors and principal authors: Terry Anderson, Kenneth Gisborne, and Patrick Holiday, International Academy of Public Safety, Inc.

Peer Review Journal Articles/Conference Proceedings

Rawski, S., and Workman-Stark, A.(2018). Masculinity contest cultures in policing organizations and recommendations for training interventions. In Journal of Social Issues, Work as a Masculinity Contest Special edition, 74,3 (pages 607-627), Jennifer Berdahl, Marianne Cooper, and Peter Glick, special edition editors.

Rawski, S., and Workman-Stark, A. (2017).  Sexual harassment training in extreme masculinity contests: Questions raised in policing, In, Work as a masculinity contest: Measurement, manifestation, and management (J. Berdahl). Academy of Management Proceedings, 2017(1).

Workman-Stark, A. (2015). From exclusion to inclusion: A proposed approach to addressing the culture of masculinity within policing, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 34(8), 764-775.

Workman-Stark, A. (2015). Application of a multicultural organizational development approach to change in a Canadian police service, The International Journal of Organizational Diversity, 15(4), 1-16.

Angela’s research interests include examining the role of gender at work, creating inclusive workplaces, institutional and leadership legitimacy, procedural justice, high performance teams, and identify and belonging.

Presenter. Getting to Inclusion: Leading from the Inside Out. Australasian Council of Women and Policing, Professional Development Seminar, Perth, Australia, September 12-14.

Presenter, with Chief Bryan MacCulloch and Deputy Chief Bill Fordy, Niagara Regional Police Service. Leading through Chaos. International Association of Women Police, 56th annual training conference, Calgary, AB., August 26-30.

Keynote speaker. The Role of Leadership in Creating Inclusive Workplaces. International Association of Women Police, 55th annual training conference, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, September 17-21.

Panel Discussant. Gender Diversity: Institutional Perspectives. Canadian Forces College Canadian Security Studies Programme, Toronto, ON. May 3.

Panel Discussant. Diversity and Inclusion Inspire Innovation. World Human Resources Development Congress, Mumbai, India, February 17.

Presenter, with Dr. Shannon Rawski. Sexual Harassment in Extreme Masculinity Contests: Questions Raised by a Masculinity Contest in Policing, Special symposium on the Masculinity Contest at Work, Academy of Management annual meeting, Atlanta, GA, August 4-8.

Workshop Facilitation. Leading the Inclusive Organization, Australian Institute of Police Management, Leadership Master Class, September 12-13.

Workshop Facilitation. Creating Inclusive Teams. Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police Service, Victoria Police Service, Australia, September.

Workshop facilitation with Dr. Abby McLeod. Building Inclusive Police Organizations, Australian Institute of Police Management, February 23.

Keynote speaker. The Challenge of Culture Change, New Zealand Diversity Summit, August 23.

Keynote speaker. Policing in a Modern World, BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network annual conference, Vancouver, BC, November 2.


Presenter. Application of the Multicultural Organization Development Model in a Canadian Police Service: Missteps and Next Steps, 15th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations at the University of Hong Kong, July 15-17.

Keynote speaker. Building the Inclusive Workplace, Van Horne Institute Workshop Series, Edmonton, AB, May 13.


Panel discussant. Skills Sets for Leaders in Today’s Workplaces, International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Annual Training Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, September 30.
Workshop facilitation with Dr. Deborah Hurst. Athabasca University. From the Glass Ceiling to the Glass Cliff, International Association of Women Police (IAWP) annual conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, September 30.

Presenter. Women in Leadership, Emerging Leaders in Healthcare Workshop Series, University of Ottawa, April 7.

Editorial Board member, International Journal of Police Science and Management

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