These are the program learning goals (PLGs) for Faculty of Business DBA graduates. They are simple expressions of powerful skills that are systematically embedded throughout the DBA program. The DBA PLGs are reviewed on a regular basis so that they can evolve and change as the needs of business leaders and innovators evolve in our rapidly changing world.

You will demonstrate this skill by performing a systematic analysis of a topic or question, in your choice and critique of concepts and empirical findings to support your argument, and in your evaluation of practical issues that relate to your profession or organization.

You will plan a research study design, apply appropriate research methods, conduct work that advances knowledge in your discipline, and demonstrate academic integrity by following ethical principles related to collecting information, analyzing data, and reporting results.

You will present well researched academic ideas and work to a broader audience in oral and written communications that are well organized, well argued, and carefully polished.

You will evaluate the outcomes of your thesis research to articulate solutions to a focal problem or issue. This includes identifying and analyzing a workplace problem, and developing and evaluating potential solutions in a way that shows you are highly aware of your business context.

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