Trading Competition Information

Are you interested in competing on one of the Athabasca University – Faculty of Business (AU-FB) Trading Competition teams?

COVID-19 Information

The practice weekends and competition are all online. If your team does well in the competition, you could be invited to Chicago for a “Day of Market Education Event” (free of charge), but that is subject to change depending on health restrictions due to COVID-19. We will follow federal and provincial health guidelines, as your health is our top priority.

Please note that we will update this page as more information changes or becomes available.

Who is eligible to participate?

If you’re an active AU-FB undergraduate student or MBA student, please consider applying. It doesn’t matter where you live, so long as you meet the other requirements.

See here for the official CME Group Trading Competition Rules and Regulations.

What does competing require of me and my time?

You will meet online twice before the competition: one for team building and another for a Q&A regarding the competition rules. The meetings will be facilitated by AU-FB faculty advisors.

Each team needs to log into the trading platform to become familiar with how trading is conducted online. During the Practice Round and Live Competition Round, team members are required to be active in information gathering, analyzing, trading, and maintaining trading logs.

Why should I participate?

Not only do you get the chance to meet and work with some of your AU-FB colleagues, but you also could win cash prizes and even be invited to Chicago for a “Day of Market Education Event” (free of charge). You also could be eligible for course credits!

I'm interested. How do I apply?

To apply, you’ll need to be an active undergraduate or MBA learner of AU-FB and you’ll need to submit a letter of application and a current CV.

Letter of application:

  • registered name at AU and student number;
  • tell us why you are interested in the competition;
  • include a list of finance courses you had taken; and
  • confirm you intend on being an active student (registered for at least one course during the competition period, normally from September 1 to December 1, 2019).

Current CV:

  • registered name at AU and student number;
  • include any work experience and financial securities trading experience, if any; and
  • educational qualifications.

Please then email your completed letter of application and CV to

Do I have to live in Alberta to compete?


When is the competition? Is it all online?

The CME competition is normally held in October (actual dates to be confirmed) and you will compete against other participating teams online. You will need your own computer/laptop/mobile device, that trading platform can function on (provided by the competition organizer).

If your team does well in the competition, you could be invited to Chicago for a “Day of Market Education Event” (free of charge).

Other than that, it’s all online.

How do I obtain course credit?

For full participation in the CME Group Trading Challenge, you (if you are an undergraduate student) may register for ADMN 499 and receive three credits (upon submission of a report regarding your competition experience and insights) towards your degree. You will need to pay regular course fees.

If you are interested in using your participation in the competition toward ADMN 499, please contact an AU-FB Program Advisor at the Student Support Centre to confirm if ADMN 499 can be used towards your certificate or degree.

Please email, if you still have questions or are ready to apply.