Your CGA foundation and advanced studies courses can be transferred to AU for equivalent credit. Later, you can transfer your AU courses to the CPA program for credit in the CPA PREP*

» CGA-AU-CPA Course Mapping Chart (pdf)

Once you complete your entire degree, including all CPA PREP modules (or AU equivalents), you can transfer directly into the CPA PEP program.

*NOTE:  Appropriate AU courses are accepted by CPA as equivalents for CPA PREP modules.
CPA PREP ModuleCPA PrerequisitesAU Course Equivalent
Effective September 1, 2016; subject to change without notice. ALWAYS check requirements with your provincial CPA association.
1Introductory Financial AccountingACCT 253
2Introductory Management AccountingACCT 355
3Economics (Micro & Macro)ECON 247 + ECON 248
4Statistics(MGSC 301 or MATH 215) + MGSC 312
5.1Intermediate Financial Reporting IACCT 351
5.2Intermediate Financial Reporting IIACCT 352
5.3Advanced Financial ReportingACCT 451
6Corporate FinanceFNCE 370 + FNCE 371
7Audit and AssuranceACCT 460*
8TaxationTAXX 301 + TAXX 401
9Intermediate Management AccountingACCT 355 + ACCT 356 + ACCT 454
10Performance ManagementADMN 404 + ACCT 356 + ACCT 454
11Business LawLGST 369
12Information TechnologyCMIS 351