The advent of online learning has broken down the barriers of time and space for both learners and faculty. Because of our unique delivery system, we are able to employ faculty from virtually anywhere.

As experts in their respective fields and in the use of interactive technologies for teaching, our core faculty, graduate academic coaches, and undergraduate academic experts ensure that Faculty of Business students gain proven business theory and practical implementation skills in all critical management areas.

Faculty reside in and work from locations that stretch from sea to sea and beyond. They ensure that you, as an AUFB student, engage in up-to-date courses, study relevant issues, and develop the right skills for leading and managing within your organization.


As experts in developing and teaching online courses, the Faculty of Business core faculty team ensures that undergraduate and graduate course and program quality is rigorously maintained.

Core faculty members are actively involved in research and teaching in their disciplines, and are passionate about every aspect of the AUFB learning experience. Their rich breadth of academic and research expertise continuously informs the development of new curriculum and ensures that your student experience is both highly relevant and engaging.

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Academic coaches are subject matter experts who facilitate active discussion and collaboration among students by guiding conversations and providing new information, insights or tools to help clarify particular points or themes in a course.

The role of the academic coach is not to lecture, but rather to facilitate interactions that lead to a high level of peer-to-peer learning among students who are experienced managers from a broad spectrum of organizations, industries and geographic locations.

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Academic experts are assigned to undergraduate business courses based on their academic qualifications and experience in a subject area, such as accounting, finance, marketing or entrepreneurship.

Academic experts respond to your specific course questions and ensure that you understand your course materials and have the necessary information to succeed.

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