Executive in Residence

Russell Kalmacoff, Executive in Residence

About the Executive in Residence program

An Executive in Residence is an avid ambassador of the Faculty of Business, a well-known and respected business expert, and business resource and mentor to both our student and alumni community.

The Executive in Residence is an important resource supporting the Faculty of Business in enhancing its strategic goals; to strengthen ties to industry, to stay current and relevant in our educational programming, and ultimately to produce ‘business-ready’ graduates who contribute significantly to their communities.

Spending time within the Faculty of Business student community will be a crucial component for the Executive in Residence; to provide business intelligence and mentorship, speak on current business practices and real-life business experiences, and to be a business connector.

The Executive in Residence is a volunteer term position of up to two years and is reviewed by the Faculty of Business Dean annually.

About Russell

Photo of Russell Kalmacoff
Russell Kalmacoff, President
Rockmount Financial Corporation

Russell Kalmacoff currently leads the Rockmount Group of Companies as President & CEO. Prior to entering a distinguished business career, Russell began his academic studies as a student at the University of Manitoba, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He went on to pursue graduate studies at the University of California Berkeley where he received his Master of Business Administration.

Following his formal education, Russell charged head-first into the business world working on Wall Street with the Salomon Brothers and later with A.E. LePage Ltd. in Toronto. Russell went on to design financing models, develop land, and author/co-authour numerous books before acquiring Rockmount Financial Corporation.

Russell has supported various government initiatives and continues to advise and serve on numerous boards and committees. He is also currently a member of the Athabasca University, Faculty of Business Leadership Advisory Council.

Guidelines & Expectations

Our Executive in Residence is available to provide our students with access to valuable business insight and to expose them to their real-life business experiences. The goal of this program is to encourage new thinking and to support efforts helping students as they start and grow businesses.

Russell has in depth knowledge and a vast network in the innovation financing continuum and capital markets.  Any student or AU alumni starting or growing a business is encouraged to connect with Russell. Please include the following elements in your email:

Contact Russell: russell.kalmacoff@fb.athabascau.ca

Communication between the Executive in Residence and both students and alumni is is kept in strict confidence with recognition that the mentor-mentee relationship may include advice on business ventures, capital investment, intellectual property, and other confidential and proprietary information.