Qualified Administrative Assistant Designation

The Association of Administrative Assistants (AAA) is a Canadian chartered non-profit professional organization founded in 1951. The AAA encourages its members to continually further their education and advance their careers, and to that end offers a Qualified Administrative Assistant (QAA) designation.

AAA members enrolled in the QAA program may complete some or all of their requirements with Athabasca University as follows:

Association CoursesAU Equivalent
Compulsory Courses
Supervision/Management Studies

ADMN 232 - Introduction to Management

Business English ADMN 233 - Writing Skills
ENGL 255 - Introductory Composition
Organizational Behaviour ORGB 364 - Organizational Behaviour
Elective Courses (choose four)
Financial Accounting ACCT 253 - Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT 250 - Accounting for Managers
Business or Commercial LawLGST 369 - Commercial Law
Computer Technology-advanced courses in Excel, Access/Social Media, WebsiteCOMP 266 - Intro to Web Programming
EconomicsECON 247 - Microeconomics
ECON 248 - Macroeconomics
Event ManagementNot available at this time
Human Resource ManagementHRMT/ORGB 386 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
MarketingMKTG 396 - Introduction to Marketing
Public RelationsCMNS 444 - Communication Studies (Media Relations)
Project ManagementADMN 205 - Introduction to Project Management
PsychologyPSYC 289 - Psychology as a Natural Science
Social Media Not available at this time
Statistics MGSC 301 - Management Science
MATH 215 - Mathematics
Website Design/Management Not available at this time


For full information on the Assocation of Administrative Assistants and the QAA designation, visit www.aaa.ca.

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What’s next?

Having university credentials can significantly enhance your career prospects, so why quit now? All courses listed for the QAA are standard three credit university courses and may be transferred into other programs (depending on program requirements/course fit).

This means you can ladder your studies into a university certificate and even on into a full undergraduate degree: