The CORS Diploma is awarded by the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) in association with recognized Canadian universities to students who have completed a program of studies with significant research content in Operations Management. The objective of the diploma as stated by the CORS is to encourage students to pursue an educational program with significant exposure to Operational research and to recognize their achievement in successfully completing such a program.

For more information about the CORS Diploma visit the CORS web site at In order to apply for the CORS diploma, send your transcript to Walid Belassi at


In order for Athabasca University students to obtain the CORS Diploma they must complete the following courses with a minimum average grade of 70% (B). In cases where more than one course is listed, taking any of the courses would satisfy the requirement.

Area 1: Operational Research Techniques

All of:
•Linear Programming (MGSC 405)
•Simulation (MGSC 405)
•Decision Analysis (MGSC 312/MGSC 405)

Three of:
•Dynamic Programming
•Integer Programming (MGSC 405)
•Nonlinear Programming
•Heuristic Optimization
•Queuing (MGSC 405)
•Production/Inventory (MGSC 368)
•Project Management
•Facilities Location/Layout (MGSC 368)
•Supply Chain Management

Area 2: Probability and Statistics

All of:
•Random Variables and Distributions (MGSC 301)
•Estimation and Hypotheses Testing (MGSC 301)
•Regression Analysis (MGSC 312)

At least two of:
•Analysis of Variance (MGSC 312)
•Stochastic processes
•Statistical testing
•Quality control and reliability
•Time series or other Forecasting models (MGSC 312/MGSC 368)

Area 3: Computer and Systems

All of:
•Basic computer tools such as spread sheets, database management systems, and statistical analysis packages (CMIS 245)
•Basic Computer Programming (COMP 268 or COMP 308)

One of the following is strongly recommended:
•Management information systems (CMIS 351)
•Geographic information systems
•Decision support systems
•Artificial intelligence (COMP 456)

Area 4: Applications of Operational Research

One of:
•Project course (MGSC 499)
•Work experience