A program as mobile as you are 

Organizing your life to attend a traditional bricks-and-mortar school at set hours can be next to impossible. At Athabasca University, you can schedule your school hours to fit the rest of your life, and your program travels with you, wherever you go.

All of your course activities take place in one online environment you can access on your laptop, home computer, work computer, tablet, even your smart phone if need be. Some courses do have physical textbooks, which will be sent to you, but otherwise, everything you need to read, discuss, collaborate, and submit work will be organized in one spot.

What you earn

Graduates earn a Master of Business Administration degree, awarded by Athabasca University.

Graduates who have hockey management and leadership experience also are eligible to earn the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation from the Business of Hockey Institute.

The Executive MBA is divided into two phases:


The AU MBA phase one core courses concentrate on the management areas that make a difference to organizational performance.

Throughout each course, students integrate theory and practice by focusing on real business problems and connecting the program to their experiences in their own organizations.


In Phase Two, students move into courses that delve deeply into hockey related issues, opportunities, and operating environments.

Advanced Foundational Courses

The first four courses are identical to those taken by all Executive MBA students. These courses will be tailored to the needs of hockey professionals through the incorporation of hockey-related cases, readings, and/or discussion questions.

Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation

The last six courses in the Executive MBA have been developed in collaboration with members of the Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) Advisory Council on topics unique to hockey.

Students who successfully complete these courses are eligible to receive their Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation from BHI.

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Application Deadlines:

MBA & CHP: March 31, 2016

CHP only: June 15, 2016

Business Degree Holders – CHP

Students who already hold a business degree may be able to enroll directly in the CHP courses.  Completion of these courses may be sufficient to receive the CHP designation from the BHI.

Courses are paced, meaning there are scheduled start and end dates as well as assignment deadlines within each course. 

Most students will complete the program in two and one-half to three years.  If need be, students may take as long as five years to complete the program.

Courses are eight weeks long, and are scheduled and structured to accommodate the global hockey business calendar.